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ArtFlow • Tablet Sketchbook
ArtFlow • Tablet Sketchbook
ArtFlow • Tablet Sketchbook
ArtFlow • Tablet Sketchbook
ArtFlow • Tablet Sketchbook
ArtFlow • Tablet Sketchbook
ArtFlow • Tablet Sketchbook
ArtFlow • Tablet Sketchbook

Review ArtFlow • Tablet Sketchbook

Brandon Girod
Tons of customizability, has a full screen canvas view by default, uses layers to help add depth to your sketches
A large percent of the customizations are locked behind a paywall
ArtFlow Tablet Sketchbook for Android is a full-fledged sketchbook app with a ton of great features. There are no gimmicks or novel aspects to this app. You’re presented with a blank tablet and the tools to create beautiful pieces of art.
The first time you open the app you’ll see just a blank white screen, and you’ll probably think that your tablet froze. Don’t power down. On either side of each screen, you’ll find pullout draws. The entire white page is the canvas where you can create whatever you want. Having the flexibility to have the full page to work on is an amazing feature by itself. There are also a myriad of touch controls you can take advantage of to manipulate the canvas.
The left draw is what controls the canvas itself. You can create layers here, manage them, clear them, and do just about anything you want with them. This is also where you have access to all of your share controls, options, and save your drawings.
The right draw gets deeper into the nitty gritty. This is where you’ll find all of your drawing tools, a blur tool, eraser, bucket, different paint modes, and a symmetry feature. My favorite part of this app is the customizability you have for each tool. For instance, with the different drawing tools you’ve got 9 options right off the bat. And there's several different variations for each and multiple sliders you can use to modify things like the size, flow, and opacity.
I’m not a very good artist, or one at all for that matter. But ArtFlow Tablet Sketchbook is a great sketching app for anyone who wants to do a bit of drawing on a tablet. It’s certainly not Photoshop, but it provides a wide range of abilities to transfer the pictures in your head into pictures on the screen.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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Will it work with Android Version 5.0.2 because right now it will not. 
Tariq Abdulla
I can't speak for the devs, but I should imagine they must update it soon to take care of this...
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