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Total Conquest
Total Conquest
Total Conquest
Total Conquest
Total Conquest
Total Conquest
Total Conquest
Total Conquest
Total Conquest

Review Total Conquest

Vlad Popa
Interesting team based multiplayer, plenty of mythical units to unlock, well done and fluid animations
Simplistic story, highly dependent on in-app purchases
Total Conquest for Android is Gameloft’s own mobile strategy game that features a combination of strategic elements and village management, with just a hint of tycoon gameplay.
The game has the player build up his Roman-themed city, complete with temples for the Roman Gods and standing army. An important requirement is the proper use of defensive structures that will withstand any attacks an enemy player may launch. The second part of the gameplay revolves around launching attacks against either pre-built towns or player-built ones. As the players grow in power and influence they gain access to more powerful units and structures, and even earn the favor of gods that will come to your aid in the heat of battle.
The graphics are incredibly well done. The game relies on its vibrant colors, comical character design and incredibly fluid animations to capture the user’s attention. Everything is incredibly smooth, and in terms of graphics the game proves that mobile devices can handle much more complex visuals than we are used to. However the game achieves this in detriment to the gameplay, as the developers chose to stick to the same overused type of freemium strategy gameplay.
Overall Total Conquest for Android is a decent strategy game, and a worthy alternative to anything the competition has to offer at this time. The game offers plenty of features, and the Conquest multiplayer game mode offers a hugely entertaining play style that relies more on teamwork than the average mobile strategy game. The main downside is the heavy reliance on in-app purchases; as the game never misses an opportunity to force the user to purchase a few extra resources. After just a few hours the user will be met with long wait times, insufficient resources, and a severe lack of instant finishers. As per usual, the only way speed up the gameplay is the purchase of in-game currency.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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