Diamonds Blaze
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Diamonds Blaze
Diamonds Blaze
Diamonds Blaze
Diamonds Blaze
Diamonds Blaze
Diamonds Blaze
Diamonds Blaze

Review Diamonds Blaze

Sergei Petrov
The diamond boom - it is very easy to master arcade game in which we will collect chains of crystals, and blow them up. The first game coached reaction and teaches you to think faster and concentrate.
Game developer studio playing Game Insight International, creators of such masterpieces as Paradise Island and My Railway . Here, the developers also do not lower the bar and offer us the atmospheric quality graphics, great sound, and of course, enjoy the process.

How to play the diamond boom?

Rules of the game are very simple: you have 60 seconds in which you have to collect as many collections of crystals. When the time will be counted the final number dialed and received experience points.
To break a chain of crystals, it is necessary to find on the field three or more crystals that stand side by side and touch each other one of the faces. That's the chain found we hold your finger from the first to the last stone. As soon as we let go of his finger, a small explosion occurs, the crystals disappear.
If you build a strip of 5 crystals, after the explosion on the field will be dynamite. If you collect 7 crystals, there is a double dynamite, and if at the same time to collect more than 8, you can blow up a bomb. In order to activate this bonus, simply use them as a chain, because they can interact with all the colors.

Features Diamond Blaze for Android:

  • A fascinating and unusual geimpley;
  • High-quality HD-graphics, optimized for smartphones and tablets;
  • Easy and intuitive to use;
  • Interesting bonuses and amplifiers, which can be selected before each game;
  • Opportunity to compete with friends and other players.
The disadvantages of the game is the absence of the possibility of the game with no time limit for pleasure. In the same genre can be a more complicated game, removing the time limit.
Summary. The diamond boom - is a fun arcade puzzle game for Android, which uses the concept of "three in a row." Download game is absolutely free, while it contains no advertising, and earnings development is due to the purchase of amplifiers (extension of time, extra bombs, etc.).

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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