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Devil's Attorney
Devil's Attorney
Devil's Attorney
Devil's Attorney
Devil's Attorney
Devil's Attorney
Devil's Attorney

Review Devil's Attorney

Sergei Petrov
Devil's Attorney - is a new exciting game for Android, created by studio Senri AB. By its geimpleyu and filling we did not see this before, here there mix of puzzle, quest and interesting storyline.
In this game we play as a promising and ambitious lawyer Max McManaman, who is ready to take on the most hopeless cases and resolve them in favor of his client. Between times, we will equip their humble home and advance in the storyline.


Each mission in the Devil's Attorney - this is a separate case for the protection of a client. Situation in the game are all different, but all united by a certain comic and absurd. This may be the case of a lost tape of rental or insulting police a drunken man.
The game is set in the 80's, as evidenced by the scenery and the general atmosphere of the game. About the quality of the game is to say a few words, because the developers are not only licked every detail of the interface, but also drew a lot of animations and thought through dialogue and inserted neat jokes.
The main part of this game - the trials, which consist of action on your part and the part of the prosecutor. Your client sued evidence and witnesses. You on the other hand have to put counter-rebuttal, expertise and many other lawyers techniques. As a result, there is little numbers game, in which you need to knock out the enemy and keep your glasses.

Features Devil's Attorney:

  • 58 interesting claims;
  • Interesting story;
  • Sparkling humor and a lot of funny situations;
  • 9 different prosecutors;
  • Several levels of difficulty.
For comfortable game requires knowledge of the English language at least at the secondary level, as the main purpose of games is in the dialogue and details. It should also say that the game has several options storyline and three endings that mobile games are very rare.
Summary. Devil's Attorney - a very interesting and fun game with an original and interesting plot. The only complaint about the game - is the lack of Russian language, but we hope that the developers will soon rectify this, and we can fully enjoy playing devil's advocate.



Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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