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Puzzle & Dragons
Puzzle & Dragons
Puzzle & Dragons
Puzzle & Dragons
Puzzle & Dragons
Puzzle & Dragons
Puzzle & Dragons
Puzzle & Dragons

Review Puzzle & Dragons

Kevin Vadala
Unique tile switch mechanic, cool creatures
Uncreative game
Puzzle and Dragons for Android is another tile matching game that feels like the product of Pokemon and Bejeweled. In the game you battle monsters against other monsters by organizing attacks through tile-matching. You can also collect monsters and combine them to form other monsters. This is the coolest part of the game. The game’s combat, that is, tile-matching, feels different than other games because you can pick up tiles and arrange them from any place on the board, instead of just swapping places. Once you get a good match, your creatures receive the power from the gems, and then attack the creature in front of you. Of course you start the game with very innocent looking creatures and as the game progresses you start to battle harder creatures that look cooler and more dangerous. For some reason on my Galaxy S4, the game didn’t contain any audio which was disappointing.
If you are a fan of collecting creatures and matching tiles, this game could be great for you. However, I’m pretty sick of tile matching as its always more of the same thing. There is some strategy in this game, in that you have to pick which tiles to match at certain times depending on what sort of attack or defense you need, but that's about it. It always comes back to color and matching color with color. I’ve seen so many games use tile-matching in place of combat, or as a major foundation of the game, that this game doesn’t seem unique in any possible way. The most work they put into this game is the artwork for the monsters, which you can collect and battle. Pokemon itself is only fun because you can explore a world with a story that gives battles meaning; and of course, the battles do contain strategy when things get more complicated. I also develop connections in Pokemon games that I didn’t feel here, because the tile-matching for your creatures feels separate in a way that getting them just to attack doesn’t.
Puzzle and Dragons is a game that plays exactly how it looks like, and if you’d like more tile-matching and creature collecting, by all means, dig in!

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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