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Braveland Wizard
Braveland Wizard
Braveland Wizard
Braveland Wizard
Braveland Wizard
Braveland Wizard
Braveland Wizard
Braveland Wizard

Review Braveland Wizard

Kevin Vadala
Good music and theme, funny dialogues
Combat is kind of boring, no "world"
Braveland Wizard for Android is a fantasy game with a whimsical charming style to it. The game takes place from the vantage point of a young female wizard, graduated from the academy, who moves around the map running into dangers and gathering allies. The game’s combat utilizes a turn based strategy system.
Braveland Wizard has great graphics in a way. Everything on the screen has amazingly sharp resolution and clarity, but the game doesn’t feel open or explorable in some ways. The entirety of the game takes place on small maps, that resemble those very common in mobile games now-a-days. You move from spot to spot uncovering things and advancing through the levels. Each level is a combat portion followed and preceded by minor story advancements or random quest encounters.
Dialogue in the game is funny, and the interactions between characters can be enjoyable as well, with some characters verbally baiting others in different ways. While all of the encounters aren’t necessarily connected, there usually is some sort of connection between finding a ghost and, say, getting a blacksmith on your team. Another interesting part of this game is that, as you move along through the missions, you slowly increase your team. Each one of your team has different strengths and weaknesses, like the blacksmith being good at melee range, and being able to take more of a hit than the dinky mage character. Unfortunately, you can’t play your main character, which is strange. She only seems to be an element of the story in the game.
Braveland Wizard is a unique experience with similar elements that you might have seen in other games. It contains a lot of polish graphically and in terms of the smooth tactical gameplay which has varying difficulties depending on the difficulty you select at the start.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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