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Deck Heroes
Deck Heroes
Deck Heroes
Deck Heroes
Deck Heroes
Deck Heroes
Deck Heroes
Deck Heroes

Review Deck Heroes

Brandon Girod
Hundreds of cards to collect, good race synergy system, good graphics and art design
Way too reliant on RNG
Deck Heroes for Android is a card-based RPG game. Like any card game, the object is to collect cards, build powerful decks, and compete either against AI-controlled enemies, or in PVP matches.
The gameplay borrows ideas from several action RPGs that you’ve probably played before (especially if you’re interested in a game like this). But instead of having heroes that you acquire and level-up; you have cards. There is no 3D representation of these cards, you place them in your hand, and they attack automatically. Everything about the gameplay is automatic, which I think is problematic because it takes away a lot of depth and strategy from the player, and replaces it with RNG (random number generators).
It can get even more frustrating when certain win conditions require your cards to not attack certain places; but you have no control over it.
Cards can be leveled and enhanced to become more powerful. There are also hero cards that lead your current hand of cards, and are much more powerful. Each card can use special abilities once certain requirements are met, but again, these requirements can be difficult to get because they’re so luck based.
Deck Heroes has certain things that it does well, and certain things that it doesn’t do too well. The graphics, sound, and overall environment, are all solid. It has borrowed some tried and true gameplay mechanics, so no qualm there either. The RNG aspect of the combat leaves me wanting more from it, though.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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