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Truck Simulator 3D
Truck Simulator 3D
Truck Simulator 3D
Truck Simulator 3D
Truck Simulator 3D
Truck Simulator 3D
Truck Simulator 3D
Truck Simulator 3D
Truck Simulator 3D

Review Truck Simulator 3D

Vlad Popa
Three selectable control schemes, relaxing and fun for short periods of time, ads can be disabled
Repetitive gameplay, glitches, too many ads
Truck Simulator 3D for Android allows the user to drive on the open roads of North America in the cockpit of an eighteen wheeler with the simple, but much needed mission of transporting goods.
The game is simple in nature as players just need to transport cargo from point A to point B, while taking care of their truck. Avoid damage and keep an eye on the fuel gauge and rest state of the driver; then take the appropriate measures to reach the destination safely. Choose destination and the cargo that you desire and start your drive. A portion of the fun that Truck Simulator 3D brings to the table, besides the actual driving, is the parking puzzles done when the user picks up their trailer; or when it is delivered.
The game offers three possible control schemes: via gyroscope, using the virtual arrow buttons, or the virtual steering wheel on the left side of your screen. Each of these feels great and responds fluidly, so the user can select the one that feels right for him. Other buttons found on your screen are the pedals along with the drive stick, coupled with some flavor buttons like turning signals, or the lights on the user’s truck.
Overall Truck Simulator 3D is a decent game. But at the time of this review, it feels like an unfinished project; with some areas of the game lagging badly, and quite a few glitches both in-game and in the menu. The graphics are decent but nothing special. The environment could especially use a visual improvement, and so could the roads in terms of obstacles, events, more traffic, and smarter traffic AI. A cruising option would be a nice addition as it would help the user focus only on the steering when driving on long roads, and not be bothered with keeping the gas pedal pressed all the time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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love the game.  Trying to unlock all the trucks (for purchase) but the button does not do anything.  Do I need to do something before I can do this?
Tariq Abdulla
not really sure, but do you maybe need to add a payment method in your play settings?
ths game its loading then its go back 2 home screen in my samsung galaxy fame lite

anyone hlp me plz
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