Bitcoin Billionaire
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Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Billionaire
Bitcoin Billionaire

Review Bitcoin Billionaire

Brandon Girod
Lots of cool upgrades, pixel art, addictive and interesting gameplay
The game seems to largely revolve around in-game advertising
Bitcoin Billionaire for Android is a highly addictive “clicking” game that will test how quickly you can move your fingers. The game is kind of a parody of sweaty, fedora-wearing internet dwellers, and there are a few references to internet pop culture and video games. But your goal is to basically become a billionaire by mining bitcoins.
Mining bitcoins is easy, but tiring. To mine them you simply tap the screen. You can use as many fingers as you have, but in the beginning you’ll only earn as many cryptocurrency as you can tap out. I’ve been playing guitar for over ten years, and even I found this to be pretty exhausting at times.
Fortunately, there are things you can do to help ease this burden on your fingers. The first thing you’re tasked with doing is upgrading your bitcoin mining software. This increases the amount of bitcoins you earn per tap. The other thing you can do is invest your money into silly things like action figures and comic books. This allows you to passively earn money, but only while the app is open. You’ll have to upgrade in order to earn money while the app is asleep.
My biggest complaints about the game are about how many aspects of it revolve around spending money or watching ads. I totally understand that the devs have to make money, but the game is set up like a farm itself. There are online ads, it’s always prompting you to watch videos, and there is even a mandatory random lottery you have to partake in that will sometimes cause you to lose ¼ of what you have; unless you pay with the only in-game resource that costs real money.
Bitcoin Billionaire is incredibly fun and addictive. Its 16-bit design is a throwback, and I’m a huge fan of pixel art in general. The gameplay is solid, but the amount of ads in the game is almost unforgivable.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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