Dawn of the Immortals MMO
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Dawn of the Immortals MMO
Dawn of the Immortals MMO
Dawn of the Immortals MMO
Dawn of the Immortals MMO
Dawn of the Immortals MMO
Dawn of the Immortals MMO
Dawn of the Immortals MMO

Review Dawn of the Immortals MMO

Kevin Vadala
Cool spells and world
User interface clutters everything, poor controls ruin immersion
Dawn of the Immortals for Android is another mobile game that claims to be a MMORPG experience on the mobile device. When I started the game I was immediately assured of that experience, because I saw text chat in some sort of window, other people walking around like I was, super-easy monsters to kill; and of course the traditional exclamation mark and question mark indicators for quests and completed quests. Besides these core elements, a good 50% of my screen was taken up by menu items. Holy cabooza!
Movement in the game works like you’d expect it to in a top down MMO game. You tap to move around, and you can hold things to move as well. This would work well, but since so much of the screen is taken up by menu icons its a hard feat to accomplish successfully. Attacking things isn’t much easier as some of the monsters are hard to target because you might accidentally just keep moving your character instead of attacking the monster.
Quests are also a messy affair, both in terms of the design and controls. When you get a quest, it's confusing where to tap; and for some reason they made the tap in the bottom middle portion of the screen. You don’t even have to listen to their text, which is an interesting idea once you understand that you don’t have to. The thing about quests is that sometimes text is overlaid on other text from menu items, which makes it very hard to read things. Everything about this game feels like it isn’t meant to be played on a mobile device. You can even tell this from the screenshots on the Play store.
Dawn of the Immortals is one of those mobile games that is hard to even get into, much less enjoy. The magical attacks in the game are fun, and the basic attacks work fine, but everything else gets in the way so much that the game barely feels playable except to the most devoted.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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Kubo Michňák
ja keď som ju išiel zapnúť tak mi nešlo načítať alebo sa mi vypínala (už neviem), neviete čo mám robiť?
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