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Review Glovebox

Kevin Vadala
Great design, a lot of customization
Not useful
Glovebox for Android is an alternative launcher solution that really is only half a launcher. The way the app works is that a small little tab is stuck onto a part of the screen. Once you drag out by the tab, you can access certain applications. This is meant to make multi-tasking easier.
My biggest complaint with Glovebox is that it doesn’t feel essential. Basically everything it does, I can do myself in a different way. My way might not look as cool, or be quite as fast, but I can still do it. For example, I can slide out Glovebox and quickly access Google Chrome, or I can just arrange my apps to where I can just tap Chrome on my home screen. Or, if I’ve had Chrome open, I can just open it up by seeing my last used apps by swiping up (I have shortcut combinations from Nova launcher, and these types of swipe gestures are fairly common for launchers).
So Glovebox isn’t something I really need. I can say that there are a lot of options to play with, and the general presentation and workings of the app are great. It’s very easy to slide out, and I like how much you can personalize the presentation. It’s also quite satisfying to launch an app by sliding the Glovebox out and selecting your app. It makes it fun, but again, it's essentially another row of icons just added to the side of the screen.
Glovebox is one of those apps that doesn’t do anything wrong, but its an app you wonder why it exists. I can see some people liking the app but mostly I can’t recommend this app to many, because I just don’t find it especially useful.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 6/10
Design 8/10
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