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DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker
DH Texas Poker

Review DH Texas Poker

Jay Feldman
Quality graphics, online multiplayer, quality game play
Greedy donation system
DH Texas Poker for Android offers online multiplayer gaming that will cost you a lot of real money if you’re not careful.
DH Texas Poker is a quality video poker app. Just choose your avatar from those offered, or link your Facebook account to use your own profile picture. You can play against friends or join a random game and play against live online opponents. The game plays out from an aerial view of a poker table. Everyone is represented by an avatar or Facebook pic. The game unfolds like a real poker game and each player has a set amount of time to decide how to play each hand. It’s Texas style poker, and the standard rules apply.
The graphics are quite good. I wouldn't call them 3D or anything like that, but they are high quality. The animation is smooth as is the online play. I experienced no buffering issues or hangs. The menus are nice and modern looking. The one thing that kind of floored me was the astronomical prices for chips. They start you off with some, and then there's always the lure of winning big. But the greedy donation system suggests that perhaps this game does a bit too good of a job at creating a true casino experience. Be careful, because all those hotels in Vegas were built by losers and crushed dreams.
DH Texas Poker is a very good online poker app. The play is fast paced and you have to be on your toes. Just be careful not to break your bank for real.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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Does anyone how Honor is built in this game??
Does anyone know how to change you avatar now, with the latest version???
Venkatesh mani
Hi guys I buy the chips for $199 and I was charged for that chips but I don't received any chips I have the bill in my email I don't know why they are trying to fool me please help me with this one thanks
I'm ready to play A exams

Holden free game's
DH Texas poker has become a game for hackers. So many players use cheat programs to manipulate the game and choose the winner. It use to be you could spot the few that were cheating as they would enter the casino with the maximum amount of chips and then go all in with a very poor hand like 72 and somehow win the hand with a full house. Then they would quickly leave the table often before the winner is revealed. Now however their hack programs allow them to manipulate cards so that they do not have to go all in to win the hand. The cheaters have hijacked what was a good game. The sad thing is that Droidhen does not appear to want to update the problem with "fixes" to stop the cheating nor are they willing to punish the cheaters in any way. Very sad
Brandon Girod
I'm sorry you've had such a poor experience with the game. Thanks for spreading the word to the other readers!
I can not see any pictures of opposition players or upload my own
Please my account open back,,, you sabled my account help me
Brandon Girod
Hi! You'll need to contact DH Texas Poker support directly if you want to try and get your account reinstated. 
Brandon Girod
Hi! You'll need to contact DH Texas Poker support directly if you want to try and get your account reinstated. 
i have email support team so many times never get bsck to me why??
Brandon Girod
Hi! You'll need to contact DH Texas Poker support directly if you want to try and get your account reinstated. 
Dale tro@facebook
I have not been able to ask him today at 3 Facebook for 3 days now I can do everything but get on the table
Brandon Girod
Are you having issues logging in, too?
Help me texas my account disabled, pliss open back my account
Brandon Girod
Unfortunately, you'll need to contact the DH Texas Poker support for account issues. 
I didn't have a problem uploading my profile pic one day it will show my pic the next day it's blank again.I haven't the slightest clue
Love dh Texas Poker but I can't download my pic anymore...I tried any pic but nope I just cant..please help
Brandon Girod
Can you explain in more detail where you get hung up at?
I'm kinda pathetic because I don't take too many chance even with free money, but I had an incredible hand and my opponents kept raising the anti..... I bet over 5 million if not more I'm not sure how much more and all of a sudden someone sent a add request and I normally refuse if I'm betting big but I hit accept and everything froze. It has happened in the past, a couple were very big wagers, but I don't like to complain so I just accept it. I was extremely upset with the amount lost and wish it would happen when at the $40,000 table instead. #runonsentence I feel better now. Love this game
Brandon Girod
Sounds pretty frustrating!
D Ottey
can u help me get my account back or assist me
Brandon Girod
Hi Ottey, we aren't affiliated with this app, so we can't help you with your account. I would try to get in contact with them via Facebook (www.facebook.com/droidhen... or emailing them for support: support@droidhen.com. 
D Otttey
i have been playing this game for a while on my android cell had to get new phone forgot to get account info now i have lost all 98 friends and about 4 million chips the email address i put will not work with forgot pass word please help
Ny city
How do i put up a picture everytime i try it wont let me put one up
Brandon Girod
Does it give you an error when you try to upload the photo? It's possible the image you're trying to upload may be too large. 
The man.
I have played this game for a long time. I have never seen someone win that did not win. There were times that i did not understand. I am on level 29. These people that say they won but the win was given to someone else with a supposed losing hand do not know about the game and what is a higher hand. Look at the rules and what hands are rated higher than others. This will answer your question as to why they won and not you. Good luck you people. 
Has anyone won in the slot machine the jackpot. Or is it a scam?
DH poker
How do I transfer my 62 miles from a FB account to an e-mail account. Can anyone help with this?
Tariq Abdulla
are you asking how to switch your DH Texas Poker game account from FB to email? I have no idea. sorry - you might need to contact the devs,
I lost hand I should have won it happen in high seas table I had flush clubs with 2 cards but I lost to some one with one card 320mil  chips not fair I email them support group droidhen I'm not :S playing til they reimburse me my chips 1 bil I was upset so I try winning back wat they stole from me I end up losing it all
I tought it was only me .!!! it keeps loading .in the beginning an never lets u play .something is wrong .I love the game thow !!
Anna Roberts
Tariq Abdulla
Have you tried restarting your device? (sorry, I know it's obvious). Seems like other people have the same problem too, so you could try asking the developers about it; maybe there is a problem in their latest update.
I tought it was only me lol
Richard Wright
I was playing DH Texas Poker with 13 million 292 Thousand went into the game with 282,000 lost that went back to the DH HOME PAGE AND ONLY HAD 12 million 716 thousand should have been 13 million 10 thousand. Please help. Also got a text on my I-phone LOG IN AND GET 500,000 in free chips and that never happened. Have had 5 straight flushes in the last 7 months and only received the 200,000 bonus once. wrightatshare@yahoo.com please give me some answers
Dave VOLAK djvolak@yahoo.com
Dave VOLAK djvolak@yahoo.com03 Feb 2016, at 10:35
They got me buying chips when they had bonus chips with the purchase I pay and no chips no bonus chips I send developers email after email with receipts attached and no answer straight rip offs who do I turn them in to as that is fraud to sell something then not deliver
Tariq Abdulla
Hi Richard, so to hear about those issues, you'll need to contact the developers DroidHen about it 
warren willard
How do I join a Texas Holdem game and play for smaller bets and pots When I buy chips it seems to force me to play for higher stakes
go to select casino and then chose the one you like to play in. good luck!
Jack Kahn kahnjob@cox. net
Jack Kahn kahnjob@cox. net27 Feb 2015, at 11:27
Suddenly, the Facebook Share feature stopped working. I received an error message that it can't find my network. It seems that every other application that I have on this Motorola Droid Turbo smartphone works when synchronized with Facebook or Google+.
Can't upload a photo for profile pic. Tried 10 different photos and none work
Where you able to fix it?
Are you sure the ridiculous hands that are winning aren't people who bet more than the actual winner and got their money back? I'm not sure how this goes in actual Texas Hold 'Em but at least in DH Texas Poker for example if someone raised 400k and all other players fold expect one guy who has 200k and decides to put all in. If the 400k player wins he will get all of the pot but if the 200k player wins he wins 200k less (goes to the 400k player) because he bet less.
Vlad Popa
I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with the game. Unfortunately we have no control over the apps we review and thus cannot fix bugs. Please try contacting the developer and reporting the problem. Hopefully it will be fixed in an update.
I had 3 As last night and someone beat me with 2 pairs, you will see that happens a lot that the winning hand does not get credit all the time,, would never pay to play on their web site  kal
I try to play on championship... but i can't click on whatever on the page! Anyone can help me?
mrs O
I also think its a bit unfair that flush wins over anything else!
mrs O
Same here, I had two 6's and someone with a 2 and a 3 won 260,000? wtf! definitely something not right here and it isnt fair on people thats genuinely playing the game.
In the last two month I have had winning hands that were beaten by rediculous hands. I have documented this with camera on my tab and written to dhholdem. Nothing no acknowledment that they recieved the email and they sure havent tried to fix this. I am sure there is a way to correct this and throw out the cheats. If you want further confirmation of this please write megan22956@gmail.com I will gladly share the pictures with you. And dh if you read this please take this seriously. Tonight in looking on here I have found I am not alone in this. 12 other people have shared the same complains. I am sure there are many more. They probably Think they were just "seeing thing", as I did for awhile but now I play with a finger on the camera button and sure enough it was happening. I know this is just a game but without this bit its hands down the very best poker game on line. Thanks for reading, megan
Dh Texas poker site don't give a fuck about any issues players have cuz they're too busy collecting dollars from addicted players.....its poker for dummies
You can only win from each player what you bet into the pot. If you go all in for 10k you can't win more than that from each other person so the remaining money goes to the next best hand
Championship doesn't work for me . I thought if you win tournaments you get points . I even downloaded some update still no joy.
my account been hacked . i really think the games need to fix the bug out of system. and make desk so you can play the games
I had boat, the best hand,and someone else got the money. Anyone else have this problem.it's not real money but it still sucks!!
Sonya buckner
I will like to start playing at this moment jeje
To get your pic up, just click on the pic edit then customize, then select the,pic from your phpne, thst easy
Honor is earned by playing championship tournament. The more you win, the more honor points you earn. The more you lose the,less points, being in thr - sucks
trying to get my picture up I wanted to contact customer support can you help
Ya i cant either on my kindle fire hd. I dunno
I'm trying to play the championship mode and whenever I go to with the screen doesn't change and there's nothing to click on it. somebody PLEASE help. Thanks
playing in championship and now my screen is all black. all other app on my phone work so I know its just this app. is there anything I can do besides uninstalling then reinstalling and losing everything? Please help!!!
the cache got cleared. and now i'm unable to go the account i used to use. what do i do?
i cant see images of people in game now. i used to be able to but cant now. im on a motorola atrix 2
I can't see images of people for some reason. I used to be able to but now I can't. I'm on a motorola atrix 2
Is there a way to obtain e-mail address of your friends in DH poker?
How do you play championship
If u play championship tournament, on rank base, u will reward honor...
How do you obtain honor in dh poker
in pvt room.,cant display a card? how long?
In the game there is a line that says honor, haven't seen anyone with more than 0.... How do you obtain honor and what is it
have you found out. I've seen some with -20 and some with 345. I don't know how they get it.
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