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Peggle Blast
Peggle Blast
Peggle Blast
Peggle Blast
Peggle Blast
Peggle Blast
Peggle Blast
Peggle Blast
Peggle Blast

Review Peggle Blast

Brandon Girod
New skills and power-ups, challenging level design, has exciting boss battles
Doesn't deviate too far from the typical formula
Peggle Blast for Android is much like Peggle on just about any other platform. It almost makes you wonder just how many times they can iterate on the same old formula. Well, this one happens to be the first game of the series that was created specifically for mobile platforms.
The formula is the same, but there are a bunch of new additions to the gameplay to try and keep things interesting. There are a lot of new skills to master, levels to play around with, and power-ups to use. Some of the power-ups include things like the ring of fire, and another one with a weird rainbow effect. They may seem pretty cheeky, but they’ll let your score soar.
I thought the level design in the game was really cool. There are certain levels that you can tell the designer wanted you to complete a certain way, because when you do, the entire level lights up; and it’s super rewarding to see. That said, you can still complete a level any way you see fit.
The controls, sound, and overall look of the game are all pretty great. When you finish a level it plays music, and makes a bit spectacle of the whole thing. It doesn’t add any extra value to the gameplay, but it’s something that’s just nice to be there, especially to appeal to the younger crowd.
Peggle Blast is a solid addition to the Peggle line-up. It has the same great mechanics as all of the games before it, and it adds a host of new levels, and some new mechanics, to freshen up the gameplay. Definitely a great game to waste some time with.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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