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8 Launcher
8 Launcher
8 Launcher
8 Launcher
8 Launcher
8 Launcher
8 Launcher
8 Launcher
8 Launcher

Review 8 Launcher

Kevin Vadala
Looks very similar to iOS 8
Barely any features
8 Launcher for Android is an alternative launcher solution that looks and acts very similar to iOS 8. That is where the name comes from. Unfortunately, all the launcher really does is mimic similar icons and app pages that exist on iOS 8. There isn't really that much functionality in the app, and it will only be suited for users looking for an extremely simple experience that lacks options or direct control.
When I say direct control, I mean that the app has certain restrictions. Inside the launcher app, you can’t even delete apps on your page. All you can do is move them around while they shake, and I was surprised to find that you couldn't even put them in folders. For the most part, once 8 Launcher is installed, you have to use it like it is.
This is both a blessing and a curse, because Launcher 8 is one of the most similar looking launchers to iOS 8 I have ever seen. Everything from similar icon packages like the texting app, to the bright colorful feel. The "space" background feels remarkably similar and at home; if home is iOS to you. The only thing is, the only apps that have certain icon packs that look so similar to iOS are plain apps like default messaging, camera, and the like. There are also extra apps to get you to download other apps. Essentially these apps work like ad-extensions.
Launcher 8 is perfect for the simple user who wants to replicate iOS, without any of the robust functionality that its parent, or other more complete launchers, have (e.g. deleting apps, widgets, or other advanced home screen features). It’s also a good app for showing off the customization possibilities of Android, or for tricking your friends.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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