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Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar

Review Google Calendar

Jay Feldman
Good reminders, lots of settings, completely free
Limited features, old fashioned design, lags a bit
Google Calendar for Android is a good all around time management tool, though perhaps a little sparse on functionality and personalization.
Google Calendar is included with every Android device. And if for some reason you don’t have it, you can download it for free at any time. It’s a decent all around calendar and completely ad free. The best part of the calendar, in my opinion, is the sync across devices. So any calendar entries you make on your phone, will automatically appear in your tablet and on Google’s desktop calendar as well. So there’s no need to make duplicate entries, and events can be viewed and edited across platforms on virtually any device.
The event reminders are fantastic. I love being able to set multiple reminders for important appointments. I usually set one for 24 hours before, just to remind me it’s coming, and then 1 hour before so I know to get my butt moving, and the final one at 10 minutes. I only do this for really important appointments. But it is a fantastic feature.
The layout of the calendar is nice. I like how there’s a small calendar on the right and you can easily flip through, month after month and advance time quickly. On the left, you can choose day, week or month views. It’s all good and functions well, however, I wish there were more custom options for fonts, colors and pictures.
Google Calendar is a perfectly usable and competent calendar, but just a little plain and boring. Personally, I prefer Jorte because you can fully customize the look and even place different pictures behind each month’s dates. However, none of that diminishes this calendar's functionality. It just would be nice if to be able to give things a more personal touch.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 5/10
Design 7/10
Brandon Girod
Beautiful new redesign, improved synchronization features
Still doesn't talk to other Google apps like Keep
Google Calendar for Android is Google’s stock calendar app for the Android platform. The newest firmware has been updated in conjunction with Android 5.0 and has taken Google’s new design guidelines into consideration in the revamp.
The newest iteration of the calendar app is more than just an updated design, it adds a lot of underlying functionality as well. The new app synchronizes and communicates with other apps better than it ever has before. It automatically pulls information from Gmail and gives you details about locations as well.
The design revamp is more than just an aesthetic change; it actually changes the entire way you use the app. The default view is called “schedule”, and it basically gives you a detailed view of all of your upcoming appointments. This is different from just a daily or weekly view, and I find it to be a lot more useful since most of my appointments are spread throughout the week, rather than throughout the day.
Google also did some cool stuff like add context relevant imagery when the month changes. You can even select the name of the month to bring down a small floating monthly view, so you don’t have to swap between views.
I love the new Google Calendar. The revamped design is definitely a step up. It has all of the original features, plus the additional ones mentioned above, which makes the entire experience more complete.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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Since the last android update The google calendar on my Moto G version 5.02 will not sync with my Google Calendar. If I enter an appointment on my MOTO G it appears on my calendar if I look at it on my lap top but does not show on my MOTO G calendar
Bill Smart
I have an MS Outlook Calendar on my laptop.  I also have a Google Calendar.  I am able to sync these two.  I've installed the Google Calendar ap on my Nokia XL with the assumption I'd be able to sync that with the Google Calendar online, but the Google Calendar on my Nokia XL did not ask for my Google logon information, and I can't find anywhere to make it sync.  I found a REFRESH command, but that just seems to spin without doing anything.
Suggestions?  Thanks...Bill
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately I believe this is due to the unique modifications that the Nokia X series has brought to Android. Most cross-platform features do not seem to work. Sadly I do not have a Nokia X or XL available at the moment to try this out.
i have problems with this app on a smartphone Lenovo S750, i cannot sync with my items on my device.  any help ? 
Arco-CZ16 Mar 2014, at 02:49Lenovo A820
This app do not work on Lenovo A820.
One of my clients uses the Asus Slider tablet and I installed this on the tablet because the native calendar app wasn't great for syncing with her google calendar. All of the events show up on the calendar correctly but when she does a search the weekly-reoccurring events don't show up in the search results... She has no problem with the app on her phone or when using her browser etc, only when using this app. Is there a setting where I can change this or another, better app for the slider tablet?
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