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Inflation RPG
Inflation RPG
Inflation RPG
Inflation RPG
Inflation RPG
Inflation RPG

Review Inflation RPG

Kevin Vadala
May draw level hoarders in
Gimmicky game
Inflation RPG for Android is a game based on numbers and stats, and the promising allure of levels. To be certain, that is really all the game has. There is no story, no world, and the graphics are extremely simple. Combat works through an automated process. Most of the gameplay revolves around you running in circles. When you aren’t doing that, you are managing stats and fiddling around with equipment through crummy menus. It’s no wonder that the app’s main menu has “EXCITING GAME!” plastered on it with a catch phrase of “You can increase your levels to over 100LV from just 1 battle!” If that doesn't convince you this game is gold, I don’t know what will.
Fighting monsters in this game works very similarly to the Pokemon games, in a strange way. You run around in circles, and the more you run the more likely you are to get into a battle. But unlike Pokemon, there isn't any strategy involved. You watch as your character stands in front of another monster. Numbers will fly around, and some attack animations will happen on your enemy, and everything comes down to numbers and luck to decide if you win. While this game doesn't have any story or world building to speak of, it still might have been a little bit more fun if combat was actually, well, combat.
The menus in the game are just plain confusing. There's a menu on the top of the screen, but from what I understood, it was just a fake menu that would take me out of the app into some Google ad. This might just be the trickiest app of the year! Engaging with the menus in the game to get things done always feels sloppy as well. There are pointless notifications, and if you press the wrong thing you can surrender battles and lose experience and the like. If you wander into the wrong box area, you can be killed as well.
Inflation RPG symbolizes what I don’t like in mobile games. Just because it can be picked up and played easily on the go, doesn't mean it should.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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