Run Sackboy! Run!
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Run Sackboy! Run!
Run Sackboy! Run!
Run Sackboy! Run!
Run Sackboy! Run!
Run Sackboy! Run!
Run Sackboy! Run!
Run Sackboy! Run!

Review Run Sackboy! Run!

Ollie Green
Perfect soundtrack, neat graphics, lots of levels, addictive game play
In-app purchases
Run Sackboy! Run! for Android is a super fun endless runner game that is based in the same universe as Little Big Planet. In this game, you will play as Sackboy, the main protagonist of LBP, as you run past obstacles and collect coins.
Unlike most endless runner games, this one uses a side scrolling camera. Whilst other games such as Temple Run offer multiple lanes of movement because of the 3D camera angle, this game has many levels that players can access by jumping and running into portals. However, in a similar fashion to other endless runner games, you will be able to keep running and collecting coins till you get hit by an obstacle.
Once you die in this game, a results screen will showcase your achievements in that run. If you managed to complete any preset challenges you will level up. Leveling up offers a permanent score multiplier for all future runs, which is a good incentive for completing the challenges that the game sets out for you.
After the results screen, you will be taken to the main menu, and from here you will be able to spend your earned coins on cool custumes, upgrades and special powers to make you last longer in your next run. There is a nice mixture of cosmetic and utility items in this store, and whilst you can purchase all of this with in-app purchases; you can also work towards earning it, without spending any real money.
Run Sackboy! Run! is great fun. But it's not just about the gameplay, the app has also been developed incredibly well, and there is a decent range of sound effects, groovy background music, and amazing graphics too. The game can be downloaded from the Google Play store for free.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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braxton coates
I have a elippsis 8 from Verizon,and the game will not work on my tablet!the makers of this game,you better fuckin' fix this!
Brandon Girod
Hey Braxton, what issues are you having when you try to run the game?
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