94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz
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94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz
94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz
94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz
94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz
94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz
94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz
94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz
94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz

Review 94 Degrees: fun trivia quiz

Kevin Vadala
Creative visual trivia, random and spontaneous
Ads, just another trivia game
94 Degrees for Android is a trivia game that bases its core ideas off of visual gameplay. Instead of just having multiple choice answers, you are presented with images that you have to find answers within. For example, you might have a whole selection of tools and then you have to find the shovel. Gasp! Thankfully, a lot of the puzzles prove to be more difficult but the idea remains the same. You pick spots on images, and then the app tells you how correct you are, in terms of temperature. Completely wrong, ice cold. Almost right, scalding hot. You get the idea. Essentially this game has tips that work on the visual images.
A lot of the puzzles at the start of the game feel very silly and random, but I suppose that is part of the game’s charm. For example, on one puzzle I was asked to identify the pectoralis muscle on the human body, and in the next question I was asked if I could identify California. Then after that, I had to identify exactly 1/4th of a rope. If that doesn't cover the extent of my education at school I don't know what does. In conclusion, this app really is only for masters of all sorts of trades.
When you aren't trying to figure out when a date corresponds to a certain symbol on the zodiac, or trying to figure out what instrument is a xylophone; you might be trying to figure out which is the first molar. I know I've said it already, but I've never played a trivia app with so many random and unrelated questions matched back to back. You can get another person in on the action with the two player mode, but it requires registration. I hate little gates like these, but the gameplay is just as fun, if not more fun, with another person to challenge in the mix.
94 Degrees is a strange game and it's different than the other thousands of trivia games on the Play Store. It's much more visually based, but it operates on similar principles with a lot of ads thrown in. I wouldn't go so far as to say its the best trivia game, or that its amazingly fun, but it's a solid iteration with a creative design.

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I had to remove trivia crack kingdom and restore my android now I ca not install trivia kingdom it reads my something about not being compatible what happened
Brandon Girod
Next to the compatibility button there should be a little drop down menu that lets you know what the reason is for it being incompatible. 
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