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Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

Review Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

Vlad Popa
Easy to learn, convenient user interface, no ads
No offline mode, finding players to challenge can be difficult
Online Soccer Manager for Android brings its users the opportunity to prove their management skills and tactical planning, by being the man or woman behind the decisions a soccer club encounters on a daily basis. The game lets players handle both administrative decisions and actual strategic ones as they see fit. Each decision the player makes will have a direct impact on the club’s performance in the field, and the funding available to invest in each area.
The game lets players pick from a wide roster of available teams. Even the small teams in lower ranked leagues from all over the world are available to coach. So users can pick their local team and lead them to glory, or choose the best teams out there and see if their managing skills can keep the team’s top-dog title.
Orchestrate training to get the best out of your team. Toy around with formations and find the one best-suited for your style. Make transfers and bring your favorite players to play for your team. Hire coaches to train your players and specialize in the position they play most. Hire spies to infiltrate and gather information from teams, and counter the oncoming matches. Or send your team on a training camp for a much needed boost before a play. These are just a few of the choices you will be making in the game. Statistics are shown covering all fields for users to keep track and improve in the area that needs it the most. Being an online game, players will get the chance to participate in soccer seasons with a predetermined date for their play-off against other players; in addition to one-off matches against other teams.
Overall Online Soccer Manager is a well made game with a nice graphical representation of the features it provides, and realistic results based on the decisions you make. The game presents a very user friendly interface, with just the right amount of information needed in order to start making decisions and begin working on the team.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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