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Review Growtopia

Brandon Girod
The MMO aspects of the game work well, there are lots of recipes and items to craft
The art design is horrendous, most of the servers are populated by trolls, your items can be stolen from you if not properly secured in-game
Growtopia for Android is undoubtedly the weirdest game I’ve played on any platform. Ever. It’s a crazy experimental sandbox MMO where you play as this caveman-looking person. It’s a sandbox, so the world is basically yours to do with what you want. The key is that you only have one way to interact with it, and that’s by punching.
The game didn’t grab me at all. The art style is horrendous, the worlds are really small, and the controls aren’t super intuitive. The game starts you off in a tutorial world called “start”. It drops you in, and basically goes over the entire tutorial by forcing you to read it from signs. Yes, that means you’ll be running over sign after sign after sign, sentence after sentence, just to learn how to play the game.
What you do is punch things to break them into seeds. You can then splice the seeds together to start creating items. It’s an MMO so that means there are always other players around you, and most of the players appear to be trolls. From the moment I started in a world, I was being locked in places, or trapped by other players. This essentially forced me to exit the world in order to keep playing. Not my idea of fun.
The game focuses mainly on exploration. There aren’t that many items you have to “mine” but there are a ton of different seeds and other items to create. And, like most games in this genre, there aren’t any recipe books in-game. So it’s kind of a trial and error deal.
Growtopia wasn’t able to capture my attention. I can appreciate what the devs wanted to do with the game, but nothing about the game is better than simply playing Minecraft or Terraria.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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