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Slice the Box
Slice the Box
Slice the Box
Slice the Box
Slice the Box
Slice the Box
Slice the Box
Slice the Box
Slice the Box
Slice the Box
Slice the Box

Review Slice the Box

Kevin Vadala
Creative concept
No tutorials, bad interface
Slice the Box for Android is a game made for department store workers and grocery clerks. In the game, you cut cardboard to make shapes. Sound like fun? Well maybe you can start doing this game in real life for some REAL money!
Slice the Box has an interesting premise, I’ll give it that. It feels like an origami game but instead of folding a paper to get rid of paper you are slicing the paper. It’s an easier process that sounds quite simple, but due to the funky game design, it proves quite difficult. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people who played this game couldn't even figure out how to get slicin'. For one, in order to slice, you have to mark the cardboard from one side of the empty screen to another, and if you don’t do that it simply won’t work. This resulted in countless frustrating minutes that I wasted with no help from pop-up hints or messages telling me why I was cutting wrong.
It startled me when I finally figured it out. I couldn't believe that no tip was given before the gameplay, that might steer people clear of such mistakes. I thought the game was bugged, and I even reinstalled it and restarted my phone, to no avail.
When you finally figure out how to cut, the game plays out as you’d expect. The levels start out fairly simple, but then things get more complicated and you run into similar issues like the inability to cut things. Certain shapes require certain methods of cutting, but the game doesn't tell you what you're doing wrong besides making numbers on the side of the screen shake. This game almost feels more like a mystery game, or a puzzle game except the puzzle isn't inside the gameplay, but in simply getting the game to work.
Slice the Box is an annoying game, and one that might prove satisfying if you can figure it out. But the irritating poppy music will only stir the fires that I expect users to feel when playing the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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