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Review Infectonator

Ollie Green
Neat graphics, lots of levels, interesting plot, simple controls
In-app purchases
If you're a gamer, then you will know that fighting off a global zombie infection can be quite exciting. But playing Infectonator for Android may be the first time you get to experience just how fun it is fighting as the zombie infection. In this game, you are given the tools needed to take over the world with zombies. Do you think you can handle such a large responsibility?
When you first start up this game, you will be taken through a quick tutorial where the controls and game mechanics will be explained. You are given very simple one-tap and drag controls that can be used to infect humans on each level. You will also be given a variety of 'support' equipment such as grenades, which can take down humans faster.
Every time you complete a level, your results will be shown via a live TV broadcast in-game. This is an interesting way to show level progress and it gives you details on the amount of humans you infected, as well as the number of humans that got away safely. After a level is complete, coins earned from that level can be spent on new support equipment or on upgrades to your zombie hordes. You will then be taken to a world map screen which shows which areas you can attempt to infect next.
Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this game are the awesome 8-bit style graphics which have been used across the board. From the user interface and main mission screen, to the level locations and zombie models - everything feels like it has come from a game from the 80s.
Infectonator is a free game, although levels further on in the game will be hard to complete without spending on in-app purchases.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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