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Frontier Heroes
Frontier Heroes
Frontier Heroes
Frontier Heroes
Frontier Heroes
Frontier Heroes
Frontier Heroes
Frontier Heroes

Review Frontier Heroes

Vlad Popa
Lots of unique mini-games, educational, addictive game play
Some mini-games are too simplistic
American history is filled with interesting events, from Native American culture, all the way to modern days. Frontier Heroes for Android lets the user experience events and traditions from a wide range of time periods in the form of amusing little mini-games.
The game itself is a masterpiece created through its cartoonish characters and environments that represent historical facts, and grant the user an amazingly fun insight into history. Each mini-game respects the overall art style of the game with its own unique twist on the historical look.
There is no main gameplay. The game is made up of a large number of mini-games that the user can play from each time period, before unlocking the next. These games range from Native American target practice, smoke signals and playing the drum, all the way to helping the first pilgrims sail to the New World, and reaching through the American Revolution where players can help learn to work metal. Help Paul Revere warn of the incoming attack from the British, throw tea into the Boston Harbor and even play the Yankee Doodle to inspire the troops. Every mini-game is unique and brings an amusing take on historical events, while still staying true to the subject. In each level the user can find some hidden historical facts that will be revealed at the end of the round.
Overall, Frontier Heroes for Android is one of the best designed games. It manages to be both interesting to play, yet serious enough to teach users about history. Through this, the game manages to be interesting for both young and more mature audiences.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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