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Widget RPG
Widget RPG
Widget RPG
Widget RPG
Widget RPG
Widget RPG
Widget RPG
Widget RPG

Review Widget RPG

Vlad Popa
Simple gameplay, immensely funny, no in-app purchases
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Widget RPG for Android is a game with minimalism and simplicity at its core. The game takes a weird and interesting approach to how it is played.
We have a role-playing game with an indirectly playable character, gear inventory, and a battle system. The title is a hint on the feature that plays an important role in running the game. The only way for you to play and explore the world with your character is by tapping on the widget that comes with the game. As advised in the tutorial video, the user should place the widget on their home screen for easy access. Your character will explore the world, win and lose fights, gain experience, and collect items; all through taps on the widget.
When the game is opened the user gains some control. They can choose which items to equip, from the bunch that was looted while the character was exploring: from a simple rake, to knightly armor, and weapons to increase your stats with flavor items on the side. The fun part of the game is in the statistics screen, accessible by swiping left on the screen to access the “Famebook”; where a humorous narrative with the character’s travels is presented. This also displays the user’s recent status updates, with details on the loot and battles that the character took part in. Another swipe will take the user to the “Mikipedia” page; a roster of all the available items in the game, all of which are described in a humorous manner. Finally a swipe on the right side will take players to the “Guugle maps” page, where the user can set a destination for the character to reach. Once the destination reaches zero (by tapping on the widget), he will arrive at the desired location.
Overall Widget RPG is a weird game, but in a fun kind of way. Even though it’s based on pixelated graphics, and can’t be played directly, the story and the humor make the game worthwhile.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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