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Defender II
Defender II
Defender II
Defender II
Defender II
Defender II

Review Defender II

Vlad Popa
Multiplayer mode (albeit a simple one), simple controls
Repetitive gameplay, not interesting to play without paying money
Defender 2 for Android is a different type of tower defense game. The user assumes direct control over the defensive tower, and opens fire on the relentless waves of monsters that will attempt to bash the defenses and breach the castle.
Controls are extremely simplistic. Simply holding a finger on the screen will order the tower to fire arrows in that direction for as long as the finger is kept on the screen. Additionally, spells are unlocked and placed at the bottom of the screen, ready to be dragged into the appropriate position where they can do the most damage.
The game offers two game modes; a local game, where the player must simply defeat the incoming waves and bosses; and a multiplayer mode, where a small window will display the exploits of a different player, shooting at the same opponents. This extra feature allows the player to test his aim and skills against a supposedly live opponent. There is little to no variation in levels as new enemies are added slowly, after a large number of levels have been conquered. Upgrades are unlocked just as slowly, unless the user begins purchasing in-game currency.
Overall Defender 2 is a decent game that will provide an escape from boredom; however it lacks in term of long term fun. The game is highly repetitive and it's extremely hard to unlock most of the spells or upgrades without relying on in-app purchases, or playing hundreds and hundreds of levels. The multiplayer mode offers an additional level of complexity, however there is little to no difference between playing against opponents and an AI.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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