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Pastry Paradise
Pastry Paradise
Pastry Paradise
Pastry Paradise
Pastry Paradise
Pastry Paradise

Review Pastry Paradise

Brandon Girod
Doesn't bombard you with ads, good performance
Unimaginative gameplay, doesn't do anything to differentiate itself from the crowd
Pastry Paradise for Android is basically a straight up clone of Candy Crush. End of the review! Just kidding. But really, the gameplay is very similar, except that this has pastries rather than candy. The gist of the game is that you’re a new baker who is matching baked goods, for whatever reason, and you will occasionally play “boss” battles.
So, yeah, you've got a grid of pastries and you’ll be matching groups of pastries in order to complete the level. You can move pastries vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally. You’ll also find that you can also match pastries in different shapes that will give you different powerups to help boost your score even higher.
Each level has a base set of points you need to reach in order to pass it. Additionally there are 3 other levels to strive for, each requiring different score tiers. Like I said before, you'll also occasionally run into some of the bad guys where you'll have to do things like capture a certain amount of pastry tiles before the enemy does.
The game is solid, but I don’t feel like it has its own identity. It feels like it borrows too much from other games in the genre, and doesn’t do much to separate itself. There is no real music, just the giggling noise from the pastry maker, and the graphics for some of the icon tiles is just bad.
Pastry Paradise is a game you can safely skip if you've played other “match 3” puzzle games. It doesn't really have its own identity and therefore it’s hard to appeal to an audience when it does the same thing as other games; but does nothing to stand out from the throngs of puzzle games already in the Play Store

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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