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Review Zombiewood

Jay Feldman
Quality game design, addictive game play, simple controls
Lags a bit, uses a lot of system resources, difficult to play without in-app purchases
Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! for Android is just good fun. Blast the crap outta zombies on Hollywood Boulevard in this tongue in cheek goofball game. As a local resident, I can honestly say I've seen scarier things on those dingy streets.
Zombiewood has a special place in my heart because I love its sense of humor. I also love a good Hollywood spoof, and this one is just too funny. You're a stuntman in L.A. and you've just been hired to rid the Hollywood streets of undead zombies. The game starts outside the famed Chinese Theater; the epicenter for weirdness in L.A., and where strange is normal. Zombies are everywhere, and being a stuntman full of bluster, you're having a good ol' time blasting all of them.
The graphics are excellent; they're comical, with just enough realism to keep things interesting. I loved the spoof Zombiewood sign and seeing actual stars on the sidewalks of the iconic Walk Of Fame. The animation is high impact with lots of vibrancy and excitement. The controls are excellent, with just 2 virtual joysticks; one for movement and one for the directional aim of your guns. It's possible to run and blast zombies to bits, all at the same time. The weaponry is kick ass, but most of the cool stuff will cost you with in-app purchases. The score and sound effects were comical and added to the enjoyment of the game.
There's a lot of action and intrigue to this game. It plays very well and was thoroughly entertaining and immersive. It should hold my interest through all the levels, largely because I just want to see what's going to happen next.
Zombiewood – Zombies in L.A! is lots of fun to look at and play. Personally, I think all the zombies are just sleazy Hollywood agents, so that might be why I relish blasting the crap outta them so much. But whatever the case, this one is lots of fun and highly entertaining; at least to me anyways.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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