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RPG Clicker
RPG Clicker
RPG Clicker
RPG Clicker
RPG Clicker
RPG Clicker
RPG Clicker
RPG Clicker

Review RPG Clicker

Kevin Vadala
Great skinner box
Shallow gameplay, not true rpg
RPG Clicker for Android is basically what it sounds like, except, it’s mobile, so… RBG Tapper would be more accurate, if not alcoholic sounding. The game literally can be summed up in one sentence. You tap a bad guy to kill him and use the experience provided to upgrade your stats and equipment. Of course, all RPGs can be summed up this way while overlooking so many factors, but RPG Clicker really is just that. There is a simple pixelated enemy in front of you, and the combat simply is about how fast you can tap your screen.
When you aren't tapping your screen to dispatch your enemies (why are you doing this? The game doesn't care, and there's not even a sense of story or form), you are changing your stats slightly and upgrading weapons you can’t even see or feel the impact of except in numbers. You have basic stats like dexterity, strength, and the like that all increase your tapping damage in some ways. You also have a magic book that you can tap on to rain down some fireballs that do a little damage. In order to maximize your DPS, you should use two fingers tapping alternately because you can do it faster that way than with just one finger. This is a perfect game to build a callus on your finger or develop carpal tunnel.
There are RPGs with naff combat, and sometimes it's okay because the story and world created is amazing. Most turn-based combat systems require strategy, and the ones that feel automated a lot aren't always so highly praised. In this game, there's literally nothing else to do besides fight things, and in that way, its like the worst part of a good game. I can see it being addictive if one were to look at it from a psychological perspective, in that you want rewards and you keep playing and playing to get better stats and gear. But I’d be hard pressed to see many feeling rewarded as they play this game, except that the monsters and such die a little faster each time.
RPG Clicker is one of the most simple games I have played from the Play Store, but unfortunately, its not a beautifully simple or elegant game; just a small and cheap one at best.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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