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Review HEX:99

Brandon Girod
Simple gameplay, but hard to master, fun art style
Suffers from input lag, there is no variation in game modes
HEX:99 for Android is easily one of the most frustrating endless runners I have ever played. You control this metallic gray hexagon thing as it speeds down a tight track. As you speed down the track, several obstacles try to ruin your hexagon’s day.
In a lot of ways the game reminds me of trying to get home during my commute. I’m sitting there, driving like a sane person, when suddenly some car tries to cut me off. It’s exactly like that, but instead of a car it’s a freaking wall. The walls will move towards you on one side, or create a zig-zag path that requires incredible precision and timing to navigate through. Perhaps even more difficult is the cascading modules that require you to slowly move from one direction to the next.
Either way, the game takes a LOT of patience because you’ve got to basically ingrain your hands with the way the game handles. I found it to be quite difficult. The hexagon has a delay, so you have to take that into account in the tight spots, and that can seem unfairly difficult at times. I think the game would be quite a bit less frustrating if the movements were more 1:1 as far as input lag goes.
That’s about all there is for HEX:99. You endlessly run to avoid obstacles, and it’s mind numbingly difficult. The controls work against you and it’s something the developer should definitely look into in future updates. I want to recommend the game, but it’s difficult to when I think about how frustrating the controls can be.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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