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Call of Duty®: Heroes
Call of Duty®: Heroes
Call of Duty®: Heroes
Call of Duty®: Heroes
Call of Duty®: Heroes
Call of Duty®: Heroes
Call of Duty®: Heroes
Call of Duty®: Heroes
Call of Duty®: Heroes
Call of Duty®: Heroes

Review Call of Duty®: Heroes

Brandon Girod
Good performance, appearances from fan favorite characters of the games
Generic gameplay mechanics, no combat mechanic depth
Call of Duty: Heroes for Android is more of a fan service than anything else. As soon as I saw Captain Price pop up in the first five minutes, I immediately knew how the rest of the game was going to play out. The game is a run-of-the-mill base building war game. It plays just like Clash of Clans.
So, the game starts you off with a tutorial that tries to set up some type of shallow storyline that just doesn’t seem necessary. In fact, the only reason why it seems like it’s there at all is to give some kind of throwback fan service to old characters in the Call of Duty franchise.
The base building aspects of the game are pretty generic. You've got buildings that passively gain resources. You have storage buildings, defensive structures, and buildings that will produce units to fight for you. And, just like in similar games, buildings can be upgraded to allow you to build newer units, store more resources, or produce more resources.
The combat mechanics don’t seem to be too strapped down with strategy. Every unit you produce is going to die, which makes no sense to me right off the bat. When you send in a unit, whether or not they die, they won’t be making it back to base. And when you fight you’re essentially dropping the units on the map in various locations. In my experience, spamming troops in certain places seemed to do the trick.
Call of Duty: Heroes is pretty much exactly what you expect it to be. It’s a generic war strategy game with the Call of Duty name slapped on it. It runs fine, and it has the same old tried-and-true combat mechanics of the numerous games that came before it.

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Gameplay 7/10
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Graphics 6/10
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It kept asking if I wanted a new game and I accidentally said yes... now I can't get to old game and have to start over? ?? How do I get old back or can't i??
Brandon Girod
I'm not sure. I'd try contacting their support staff and seeing if they can reset your progress back to a previous state.
galer um problçema com meu sony xperia sp, eu adiciono a minha conta e senha no e o cod heroes na versao nova ele carrega e tudu, mais quando chega no final que vai começa o jogo da um erro assim "heroes parou".oq pode ser issu ?
As per google play store its not compatible with my samsung s4 mini.
wont load  saying to update but no update there????
Jalil Ahmad Hothak
Jalil Ahmad Hothak09 Feb 2015, at 16:09
it is a nice game i love it........
Vlad Popa
Happy to hear it
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