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Review Radiant

Sergei Petrov
Radiant - a modern version of the classic space action Galaga, which enjoyed popularity in just insane console Dandy. In this game you control a small spaceship and destroy asteroids flying at you and enemy ships alien.
Game developer is the company Hexage, gave us such great games like Robotek and Radiant Defense . All games of the studio are different pixel graphics and amazing attention to detail and effects. In this case, pixel art is not to say that the game looks like from the 90's, there is just a deliberate pastiche with modern effects and lighting.


Control of the game has been decided to make a very simple, the player only controls flying left and right, and the shots spaceship is automatic. All in the game three difficulty levels, each of which increases or decreases the number of lives and the ability to withstand a direct hit. For example, on the easiest "Casual", before we burn one life, we can withstand direct hits 4.3.
The first level begins with the classic asteroids that fly at us with all speed. From them, you can dodge, but you can on the contrary, seek to destroy, the more that are hidden inside the money and points. Then we start to fight with different alien beings, who can shoot, attack in melee combat and regroup his troops. After 10 episodes we get to the boss fights where you may use a maximum of skill and speed.

Radiant features for Android:

  • More than 100 levels and over 10 bosses;
  • Six types of weapons with the possibility of pumping;
  • 12 unique amp to help in the battle;
  • Three levels of difficulty;
  • HD-graphics and sound design company.
The game is available in Free and Full versions. Free version is limited to the first 30-Tew levels, with the paid version can be downloaded separately or purchased directly within the game. Separate version is HD, which includes improved graphics and goes on almost all new smartphones and tablets (the difference between the versions is insignificant).
Summary. Radiant - this is one more proof that the old games are able to be reborn and to get a "second life" on mobile platforms. To play in this space shooter just as interesting, as in childhood.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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