Ski Challenge 15
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Ski Challenge 15
Ski Challenge 15
Ski Challenge 15
Ski Challenge 15
Ski Challenge 15
Ski Challenge 15
Ski Challenge 15
Ski Challenge 15

Review Ski Challenge 15

Kevin Vadala
Good controls
No modes or maps
Ski Challenge 15 for Android is a skiing sports game that feels more like a skiing simulator than a fast-paced arcade game. You race down slopes against other opponents and the clock.
Ski Challenge 15 really brings the feel of skiing to mobile devices. When you use the accelerometer controls, turning your phone and controlling your skier is an easy and reactive gesture. You can control your skier with very direct and mechanical movements around the course. There isn't much to the controls in the game besides steering and opening up your body, which I quite like. Having no slow down makes the game feel much more like actual skiing, in which you slow down by turning your feet. In order to go down the course fastest and maintain your speed, you have to make very slight turns, which mimics steering on the slopes very well.
I can imagine that Ski Challenge will prove to be a very repetitive experience for many users. The way the menus are set up just seems very irritating to me, because the game limits what you can do without registration. When you get registration, a lot of the game is held back by time locks like having certain races available during certain times of the year. This is to encourage you to keep the app on your phone and come back to it over and over. After finishing my time trial, and qualifying for the competition, I couldn't even enter a tournament, because it was over. The only thing I could do was duel an opponent (not in real time, just their racing shadow) on the same exact track I had been racing on before; which, to be honest, isn't that great of a track. There are no jumps etc. to add any elements of danger or fun.
Ski Challenge gets its control and feel right, but squanders its potential in hazardous menus and mobile design.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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