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Lord Of Legion
Lord Of Legion
Lord Of Legion
Lord Of Legion
Lord Of Legion
Lord Of Legion
Lord Of Legion
Lord Of Legion
Lord Of Legion

Review Lord Of Legion

Brandon Girod
Performs well, the campaign mission objects are different from other games
Unimaginative combat system, there is a lack of music in the game
Lord of Legion for Android is a high fantasy role playing game that involves a lot of strategy, building armies, upgrading troops, and becoming more powerful. You choose from one of three heroes that have different abilities, and lead your legions to victory.
There isn’t a lot of gameplay variation when it comes to other games in this genre. You have a base that you recruit new units with, and upgrade them. When you’re in battle you place troops on tiles in columns. Different unit types are more effective in certain formations. The only thing that really differs is when it comes down to the campaign. Rather than just automatically going from battle to battle, you actually walk your character around collecting various items.
The art style of the game is decent, but the sound is surprisingly absent. When I first played the game I checked my volume a few times because there was nothing but silence where I was expecting lively music. The sound effects are all there, but nothing else.
In addition to the normal campaign you are also assigned different tasks that you can complete. These, unlike the campaign missions, are simply just fights, but you get a lot of decent rewards.
A complaint about the game is that you’re often waiting for units to be purchased before you can continue with different battles. It’s inevitable that you lose units, and you can’t really get around replacing them; so this becomes annoying pretty fast.
Overall Lord of Legion is a well performing strategy RPG; but doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination. The gameplay is solid, but it’s no different than every other game just like it in the genre. That makes it hard to recommend the game, because it gives you no reason to play it over any of the other games currently out there.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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