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Totem Smash
Totem Smash
Totem Smash
Totem Smash
Totem Smash
Totem Smash

Review Totem Smash

Vlad Popa
Great fun if played for short periods of time, completely free, simple controls, no ads
Totem Smash for Android is a game that puts the user in the shoes of an angry Viking, who is compelled to vent all their anger on totems. The game offers little in terms of backstory. Why has our angry little Viking has decided to release his frustrations on a Native American looking totem? But it leaves room for speculation. Instead, the game focuses on simplicity and amusing gameplay. The game shares some similarities with endless runner games, only the running part is replaced with senseless, endless smashing.
The game’s inherent simple nature is what makes it so addictive and amusing. The goal is to smash parts of the totems with our Viking's hammer, and position him in such a way as to avoid taking hits on the head by the totem’s many wings. Moving left and right is the only mechanic that requires the player’s intervention and is performed by taping on the right or left side of your screen. A momentum bar will fill as the Viking keeps whacking totems, and players need to avoid allowing the bar to empty. If such an event should occur, the result would be the same as taking a hit from an incoming wing; the game will restart. The momentum bar is a nice addition that helps maintain a fast pace in the game through the need to keep it filled. But it's also a source of great frustration, leading to players making mistakes in their haste.
Overall Totem Smash is a cute game that enchants you with its simplicity; tough it lacks any kind of power-ups or cosmetic options that would have helped retain interest in the game. The only thing that alleviates the overall monotony is the change in scenery.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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