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Keek - Social Video
Keek - Social Video
Keek - Social Video
Keek - Social Video
Keek - Social Video
Keek - Social Video
Keek - Social Video
Keek - Social Video
Keek - Social Video
Keek - Social Video

Review Keek - Social Video

Kevin Vadala
Wide array of features..
Too many things going on, feels like app has walking advertisements
Keek- Social Video for Android is essentially an Instagram for video. It’s a little bit annoying to me how many apps are trying to copy Instagram’s success. It’s an understandable desire as Instagram does seem so simple and easy to copy. But it’s not that simple; and I think Keek, in trying to be like Instagram, really just goes off in different tangents that simply do not feel as clean, useful, or user friendly as Instagram.
First off, what is with the name? Keek sounds like a sound a bird makes. And while I’m sure some people like the name, the branding and logo, and thus the design of the app, just falls flat. It has a navy blue theme going on, but everything about it seems to subtle and ordinary. Even the app icon on my home screen is just a white K with a blue background. I feel like I could have made a better and more enticing logo.
When you start off with Keek, you might not be able to tell what is going on. And that is understandable, because sometimes Keek just feels like a walking advertisement. There are ads on the bottom of it, and even content seems to be ads a lot of the time. Right now, on my main page, there is a picture of Meredith Viera going on about something. Then the tabs are a little crazy, (there are like 6 different tabs to find people!). I understand sometimes it can be very boring to have no friends on an app like this (I just reviewed Path and that's what it felt like) but Keek is too aggressive in it’s approach. All of the content that I see, I just don’t care about. Super does it better, but that's because the images there feel more relatable and not so personal. Besides Meredith, I also have two teen boys messing with strange video filters.
Keek is an ambitious video app that aims to integrate social sharing with videos. It’s just that there's so much content and not enough of a small community feel. Instead of feeling motivated to post, I just felt overwhelmed and annoyed by all of the feeds I was connected to.

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Usefulness 6/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 6/10
Design 6/10
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