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Rail Maze
Rail Maze
Rail Maze
Rail Maze
Rail Maze

Review Rail Maze

Sergei Petrov
Rail Maze - is a beautiful and addictive puzzle game in which we have to lay railroad tracks and control the train assembly. By its geimpleyu game is more reminiscent of the railway engineers, who many had as a child. In general, we will have to conduct a train from point "A" to point "B" and do not let him into a ditch and not run into another group.


Control of the game is quite simple and intuitive. Each level is a small card on which there is the unfinished railroad. By clicking on the binding sites we can change the position and the direction in which the train will travel.
The game contains several game modes:
  • Labyrinth - the classic mode, in which we first fix and pave the way, and then run the train;
  • Maze missile defense - more complicated levels;
  • Railway construction - arcade mode, in which the train starts to go after a few seconds, and we have to quickly clear the way;
  • Snake - a kind of interpretation of the snake, which we should try as much as possible to keep the train on the rails;
  • Long Train - in this mode, we have to build the longest railroad from existing materials.
Rail Maze puzzle design had been made for the widest audience, so the first level may be too easy. In addition, this type of puzzles just can not be prohibitively difficult in itself, and the main factor - not that you have been living, and then, for what time you did it.
In graphic terms the game looks neat and tasteful. We are very pleased with the presence of the Russian language, as well as auto-save current progress for each level. All in the game more than a hundred different levels, which in addition to trains and roads we will wait for the bomb, the evil pirates and many tunnels (teleports).
Download and try Rail Maze can be completely free, but initially will be accessible mode "Labyrinth" and "The construction of railway," for additional content developers are asked as usual fee: $ 1 (30 rubles) for the game or $ 4 (120 rubles) for all levels together and complete lack of advertising.
Summary. Rail Maze - this is a very high quality and addictive puzzle game for Android, which will gladly play both adults and children. The disadvantages are the high cost of additional levels (adequate price would be $ 1 for all of the content), and ill-conceived system of generation levels in the "Railway Construction."



Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 6/10
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