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Battleheart Legacy
Battleheart Legacy
Battleheart Legacy
Battleheart Legacy
Battleheart Legacy
Battleheart Legacy
Battleheart Legacy
Battleheart Legacy
Battleheart Legacy
Battleheart Legacy

Review Battleheart Legacy

Kevin Vadala
So many classes, no tricks, great dialogue and options
Battleheart Legacy for Android is a huge RPG game with amazing combat. In the game, you can play a variety of characters ranging from a fireball-casting mage to a dual-wielding swordsman, or even a dual-sword-wielding fireball-casting bard mage! There are a lot of possibilities in the game, in terms of its classes, and each one of them is fit with animations that look and feel great. Battleheart Legacy in one term would be: polished.
You’ll notice the polish right away. The graphics in the game look like something taken straight out of a N64 game and then sharpened 10 times and smoothed over. Regardless, everything looks great and while your character does look a little blocky, it fits with the cartoony feel of the game. What’s even better is that your character’s look can change with the loot that you fit on him, to a mage wearing robes to a rogue wearing more plate-looking leather armor. Battleheart Legacy will appeal to fans who love customization and numerous routes. In short, it has tremendous replay value.
While a lot of games in the play store have dialogue that is mind-numbingly corny, Legacy has great snappy dialogue that is often quite funny. Early on I talked to a peasant who complained that his lot were only used for tutorials. I laughed, and was glad that I bothered to spend the time to talk to him. In a lot of ways, this game is what you make of it in that sense, with hidden gems spread all around in chests, character dialogue, or just choices. Your choices in the game are decided by the emotions you choose in the dialogue options: usually happy, sad, or mad. These can actually influence the course of some missions, which is very very cool.
Battleheart Legacy is a tremendous game that controls well, if not simply. Your main attacks are auto attacks, but the quick paced nature of combat makes it feel more like Diablo or WoW. I’m not the biggest fan of the way movement works on these type of games as I feel like my finger gets in the way, but it works well enough. Some have said that the $4.99 price tag feels too generous, as there aren’t any IAP’s, but I think its a great price for the game. It’s not exactly open world, and there aren't any cinematics or worldwide story, but its a great mobile game with a lot to offer.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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