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Twist Pilot
Twist Pilot
Twist Pilot
Twist Pilot
Twist Pilot
Twist Pilot
Twist Pilot
Twist Pilot

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Twist Pilot
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Review Twist Pilot

Sergei Blyudov
Twist Pilot - is a completely new game in an unusual mix of arcade and puzzle game that resembles the game, where you need to hold your cursor through the maze. There are almost all the same, only much harder, more fun and more fun.
Game manufactured by Zynga, but since it is only a publisher, then all of its games are rather different, there is an expensive and unsuccessful 3D-shooter Horn , as well as absolute hit called ZombieSmash . The only thing that unites the game publisher - is that they simply can not ignore.


Gameplay is captivating in its simplicity and fun. We manage the incredible and very odd rectangular body, which his bizarre laws are constantly spinning at a certain speed. And because we carry the body through the narrow corridor and maze, then we have to do it very carefully so as not to touch the walls of blood vessels.
Managing our red body is very simple, it is enough to drive a finger on the screen, and the character will move in the desired direction. It does not matter what area is tapped with your finger, as the entire display appears as one large touchpad (or mouse, if you follow the example of the first paragraph.)
When you touch the walls, as if our hero scald, and he loses a supply of life, which, by the way, quickly and spontaneously restored. Watch red line with the value of the current health is at the top left corner.
On our way will fall evil beetles, doors and thin passages that can take being in a certain position. However, the main feature geimpleya is to find this balance, when we take the right position and changes rapidly a certain part of the maze. Naturally, the most important characteristic to complete the game - it's your skill and ability to catch the right moment.

Features Twist Pilot for Android:

  • More than 70 different levels;
  • Colorful and nice graphics
  • Geimpley interesting and exciting;
  • A lot of variety of bonuses (decrease, increase, adding speed, etc.);
  • Interesting set of mazes and puzzles.
Summary. Twist Pilot - it's very fresh and colorful game that brought the genre Android-arcades new direction and, most likely, we will soon see many clones of the game. Download this interesting mix of genres is possible for a fee of 30 rubles, for the game, the level of quality standing next to Cut the Rope and The Curse, - do not mind.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10

Reviews for other languages and platforms

Сергей Блюдов
Сергей Блюдов - 9.5/10 (Twist Pilot для Android)
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