True Phone - Dialer & Contacts
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True Phone - Dialer & Contacts
True Phone - Dialer & Contacts
True Phone - Dialer & Contacts
True Phone - Dialer & Contacts
True Phone - Dialer & Contacts
True Phone - Dialer & Contacts
True Phone - Dialer & Contacts
True Phone - Dialer & Contacts

Review True Phone - Dialer & Contacts

Kevin Vadala
Better than default app
Themes look too similar
True Phone for Android is a replacement “phone” app that has a dialer and a new interface to see your contacts. It has a variety of different themes available.
True Phone has four main tabs: favorites, phone, people, and groups. Groups is nifty because you can sort your contacts into various groups; but I’m not sure it’s a feature I would ever invest enough time in to use to find useful. The people tab has a nice looking interface with a list of people and a search tab. Everyone has little icons next to their name starting with their first letter and they all have different colors. Its a definite improvement over the stock app, and there's a ton of themes to change things up. Theres options like Eclipse, which is black and white- or True dark which is a darker alternative to the rest of the mostly light colored themes. I would have preferred a better variety of themes as most of them have white based color foundations with black text- sort of a less-slick material design feel.
Your favorites tab is what you would expect, and there aren’t many surprises here. The phone tab is perhaps the most useful, as you have a list of recent information like missed calls and then you also have your dialer. Missed calls and the like have cool intuitive information like a -1, or a !, which mean various things. You can tap the message box to easily message them back which is useful.
True Phone is a pretty good replacement for your stock dialer app. While it is better in most ways than default applications, I didn’t fall in love with the themes and design options.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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Help guys. I have been using huawei mediapad 10link for six year and three years full i cant make phone calls or recieve calls
I trust it very much
manikanta raju
Very nice app super
As an addition for purists (who want to get rid of most of Google on a Google phone) should be mentionned, that True Phone Dialer uses the dialing screen of the original phone app. If one deactivates the original app the only indication of a current call is the red-colored CALL button on the dial tab. Calling works nevertheless. If you leave the original app active in the background (without having it as primary dialer app) it provides the current-call-screen on top (with avatar and hangup button) on active calls. It might be a suggestion to the developers to add an app-specific call-screen...
Good review. On my opinion the best Phone app I have found. Some features you didn't care about are useful if you work with a cloud (ownCloud, Google). Your can edit and administer your contacts in Thunderbird (addon Cardbook) and easily add contact images (instead coloured initials) or assign categories (emergency, job, family, shops, ...) which structure your contacts into groups. I personally can live with the built in, clean themes, as I focus on usability.
Brandon Girod
Thanks for the great reply!
'Kemi   Adenaike. (kemi.adenaike@gm
'Kemi Adenaike. (kemi.adenaike@gm29 Mar 2015, at 00:58
How can I download your themes to my PC
'Kemi   Adenaike. (kemi.adenaike@gm
'Kemi Adenaike. (kemi.adenaike@gm29 Mar 2015, at 00:57
I am a phone tweak freak, and having used dozens of dialer applications, my thumbs are up for true phone (android) and inesoft address book (windows mobile). I rate each 4.9 and  stand up to be challenged.
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