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Robbery Bob

Robbery BobRobbery BobRobbery BobRobbery BobRobbery BobRobbery BobRobbery BobRobbery Bob


Sergei Petrov
Posted: Sergei PetrovTested 20 May 2017 on Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III

New arcade about the life of a robber

Robbery Bob - is a new game from the game publisher Chillingo, in which we will play one hapless thief named Bob. Background is that one stranger helped us get out of jail, in exchange for our freedom, we will help to rob wealthy homes. In this case, the stranger will be working as a gunner, and we will do the dirty work.
The game is a very interesting mix of arcade and puzzle, which was generously spiced elements of stealth (Stealth). Our challenge will be to tiptoe sneak into the house with people steal all the precious things and also quietly with them to escape.
Sure, this game is almost like two peas similar to SPY Mouse and Critter Escape , with the only difference being that in those games we draw the way ahead for our character, and here controlled by the buttons.


Control of the game by using a virtual joystick. By default, we move stealthily on tiptoe, but in rare cases can go on running. Later, we will gain a few extra abilities that can be called from the right side of the screen.
Each level is a new house, which we will need to rob. Given the view from above, we clearly see what the situation is present in the room. Owners of the house or stand in one place (cooking, watching TV), or move along a certain trajectory (eg, to the bathroom and back). To pass the level we need to collect all the valuables in the house, which can be identified by the way they shine.
If we notice the owners of the house, then they will immediately cause a policeman, and then our chances of survival will go to zero. In this case, it does not matter the noise that we publish, and we can move on to a run, hiding from the police and darting from room to room.
The ideal option is to pass the level that we collect all possible decorations, not attract attention to themselves and within the given deadline. As you progress through the game, the map will appear additional features, such as a box, where you can temporarily hide, and intelligent security systems with laser protection.

Features Robbery Bob:

  • Over 30 interesting levels, as well as several additional training;
  • Excellent graphics, optimized as a smartphone and a tablet;
  • Pleasant sound, which creates an atmosphere of this criminal adventure;
  • Convenient control;
  • A large number of devices "thief."
Summary. Robbery Bob - this is a very good and quality free stealth arcade game that will appeal to all fans of the genre. The disadvantages are only some of the first levels and easy obnoxious ad banner at the top of the screen, so before the game necessarily recommend that you disable the Internet.
Final ratings
Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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29 Mar 2017, at 08:36
sukhbir kaur grewal
it is not downoading pls help
02 Nov 2015, at 03:28
Issue Reporter
[Issue Report] 
Entry Point is different between shortcut and app menu. 
Open app from app shortcut. And Go to Home screen and open app again from App Menu.
Opened App is not in the background, it starts again. 
you would need to report this issue to the developer. you can do this by tapping the "ask the developer" button above.
12 May 2013, at 19:38
endroid tablet
not working asking for server and say you may not buy it


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