Funky Smugglers
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Funky Smugglers
Funky Smugglers
Funky Smugglers
Funky Smugglers
Funky Smugglers
Funky Smugglers

Review Funky Smugglers

Sergei Petrov
Studio 11 bit introduced a completely amazing in graphic terms the game called Funky Smugglers, in which we will examine in X-rays coming in to land people. Our main task will be to find carefully hidden contraband cargo, passengers, and remove it in time, as the time for an examination will be given very little.


The gameplay is very simple. Before us is a big X-ray stand through which flows will pass people. When they enter the X-rays, we can see what is hidden under their clothes, as well as an outline of the skeleton. At these moments, we must seize the red, prohibited items, spending on them with your finger and pulling out of the window. Over time you can grab several red objects, and for this we have combo points, thus it is impossible to touch the green, or else lose their lives.
Graphics of the game is on the highest level. That is, the game is not so much fun to play, watch how juicy picture and flawless animation. Without a doubt, this is a new quality standard in the genre of arcade games.
Periodic X-rays near the helicopter will fly, bringing with them a variety of mini-bonuses, for example, delayed action, a magnet for contraband items, restoring life and more.

Features Funky Smugglers for Android:

  • Flawless graphics in HD-quality;
  • Original geimpley;
  • Flawless compilation soundtracks, refers to the 70th year, when smuggling through airports was a mass phenomenon;
  • Interesting bonuses;
  • Full translation into Russian;
  • Network battle.
There were, of course, and without flaws. The first thing that is most frustrating is the lack of distinct levels in the game. In fact, every time we start to play from the start, and gradually move forward, neutralizing one aircraft at a time. As soon as we will spend their three lives, we get a certain amount of coins, experience and start the game again, that is, no development, such as the usual chapters and levels, you will not see.
The game also contains the so-called competition between teams, where you can choose your side and earning for her glasses in the same single game, only this time they will go to the overall standings. If your team wins, all participants will receive significant prizes depending on their contribution.


Funky Smugglers - it's very bright, memorable and beautiful game with perfect graphics and soundtrack verified. The cost of the game is only 30 rubles, and it is quite a modest sum for such a quality product.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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