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Review Fantashooting

Sergei Petrov
Fantashooting - this is an exciting new sci-fi action, in which we will fight the various monsters that live in a sinister forest. Our challenge will be to hold out as many days, this time for a break us no one, of course, will not give. Thus, the game contains a 100% non-stop action, which can be stopped only with the "Pause" button.
The game has good today 3D-graphics, which can not be called a masterpiece, but it is also an eye arrived. Control of the game for any classic games of this plan, it is action with a top and at an angle. If you played in the famous RPG from Gameloft called Dungeon Hunter 3, the management here looks exactly the same.


In the game there are no melee weapons. All the heroes shoot only at a distance, and all tied geimpley constant runaway swarms of angry monsters. This model is not new, and at least one clear example is called Monster Shooter: Lost Levels .
Initially, the game gives only one hero, and to open the other characters, to kill N-number of monsters, the current number of which will always appear at the top of the screen.
Buy weapons and conventional pumping parameters (RPG-elements) are not here. All weapons are selected and fall from the very monsters. Grab a gun is not given to all, but only on the allotted stock shots, and then we'll start shooting again for the classic character charges. To activate some special moves in the game, you must collect three crystals, and then, for example, can be called evil golem that will fight a few seconds on our side.

Features Fantashooting:

  • Colorful 3D-graphics;
  • Comfortable and pleasant geimpley;
  • A huge variety of monsters, and leaders;
  • A large variety of weapons and bonuses;
  • Opportunity to discover new, more powerful heroes;
  • Changeable weather at;
  • Opportunity to destroy some objects.
Deficiencies in the game very much, but the main one - is that the game actually consists of one Survavival-level, which is played exactly to the moment, while we do not get killed. Next you please get your money, points and start again.


Fantashooting - is a bright and funny Action-game that, despite its shortcomings, it is recommended to install, based on the fact that it is completely free, and can bring pleasure for a few hours of play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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