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The Shadow Sun
The Shadow Sun
The Shadow Sun
The Shadow Sun
The Shadow Sun
The Shadow Sun
The Shadow Sun

Review The Shadow Sun

Kevin Vadala
Great world building and lore, wide variety of skils, graphics are superb for the most part
Combat feels a little clunky
The Shadow Sun for Android is a premium game with console quality graphics, great story, and fantastic world building. It’s a wonder for a mobile game and should be a true delight for fans of the RPG genre. The dialogue in the game isn’t half bad either, and I actually found myself enjoying the sections that included dialogue.
Shadow Sun starts off brilliantly (haha, get it?) You are shown a comicky cinematic and then thrust into the world. You enter a city and your companions note the acrid stench of burning corpses. One of your companions, a pompous aristocrat, immediately fills the cliched role of a stupid aristocrat, but it is still funny. Your main companion is a more cautious woman, who seems to be some sort of rogue. You are both elite soldiers from the king, sent on a mission to check on diplomats. Already, from the start of the game, you can see things are going to take a turn for the worse.
That is where this game excels. The story elements in the game feel remarkably visceral as you journey along with your two companions into the heart of the city, passing by rotting horses, or fending off insane plague victims. Then you are split up and led away by a guard, who seems a little too amiable. It’s not long before he turns on you, and things get ugly. The sequence of events make sense, and its acted out with just the right amount of voice acting. It helps that the guards armor looks fantastic, and he even says so. Just from a brief glimpse of the game you will feel like you are inside the world, fighting to stay alive, and I think that's a remarkable feat for a mobile game to accomplish.
Shadow Sun has great lore and world building- but not all parts of the game are exactly amazing quality. The models in the game are a little dated and muddled, so much so that they look a little goofy and funny. The combat in the game also works well, but can feel a bit clunky. The abilities never feel as fun or remarkable as they might sound. Overall though, there's a wide variety of abilities and the complexity of the game is worth the upfront asking price.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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