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Trainz Simulator
Trainz Simulator
Trainz Simulator
Trainz Simulator
Trainz Simulator
Trainz Simulator

Review Trainz Simulator

Sergei Petrov
Trainz Simulator - is a complete game in the genre of "Train Simulator", which on the Android operating system can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The program is made specifically for the tablet, and do not run on smartphones, which is very strange, as many smartphones have the display resolution is the same as the tablets.
Simulation Train - this is not for everyone. To start enjoying this game, you need to spend at least a few hours to learn the basic functions of the game and the Governance of the trains.


In the game there are two types of controls - just for professionals. In a simple control to start the train, simply turn a dial and then adjust it as the train. But the advanced mode allows you to control nearly every mechanism, and make the train here you get only after studying the manual and instructions on how to do "starts off the train."
The game has a lot of ready-made scripts and free trails where you will carry out simple tasks. For example, the most common task is to pick up the cargo from point "A" and deliver it to the point "B", without even loading of the cargo will be held by hand.
The game has a high-quality 3D-graphics, but if you have a tablet based on Tegra, and then you do get the version with additional effects. You can watch the train is from any angle, including the cab driver, but best of all - is to look at the beauty of the bird's eye view, watching your train cuts the next mile.

Features Trainz Simulator:

  • Stunning 3D-graphics;
  • Believable physics;
  • Natural control (the development team attended two driver);
  • Opportunity to bring their own team drivers and control staff;
  • A large variety of missions;
  • A full map editor.
Similar games are valued primarily for their depth. When will the 3:00 time to learn to operate, and now the first train starts to move in a way, does not need any "angry birds" and "bad pig", because of the game to have fun at some times more. And during those unforgettable experience, we are ready to forgive the game's flaws, namely buggy awkward interface, poor adaptation to the touch control and the general "roughness" in the details.
Summary. Trainz Simulator - a great train simulator for android, which captures from the first minute and does not let go for hours. If you close this genre, you will not miss in any case. You can download the game in the store Google Play for 159 rubles, and do not forget to follow the speed, otherwise the train will go by the wayside.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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shiv Maheshwari
Pilce yeh samsung galaxy tab 2 gt - 3100 par chalaga kya
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