Far Cry® 4 Arena Master
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Far Cry® 4 Arena Master
Far Cry® 4 Arena Master
Far Cry® 4 Arena Master
Far Cry® 4 Arena Master
Far Cry® 4 Arena Master
Far Cry® 4 Arena Master
Far Cry® 4 Arena Master
Far Cry® 4 Arena Master

Review Far Cry® 4 Arena Master

Vlad Popa
Completely free, unusual game play, simple controls, no ads
Monotonous game play
Far Cry 4 Arena Master is a rather unique mixture of action and strategy gameplay that ties in closely with the newly released Far Cry 4 game.
The game casts off the traditional arena gameplay where the player must fight waves and overcome pre-determined challenges. Instead it casts users into role of an Arena Master and has them create the challenges that must be overcome. Players can spawn minions from diverse points around each arena map, based on what units have been unlocked and purchased. It falls to the player to assess each boss based on their strengths and weaknesses and the arena they are fought in, in order to decide what units are best used for each fight. Creating a sufficiently tough challenge to defeat a boss will reward the player with experience and access to more advanced and diverse units; and some funds to purchase new additional troops.
During downtime users can send workers from their base to certain points on the world map where they can be instructed to hunt beasts or recruit troops. Through this mechanic it is possible to earn more units and funds to keep the player in the arena a lot longer. While your workers are out on missions, not only do they have a chance to fail, but they may also run across a special encounter. The player is presented with a choice, the result of which can be either beneficial or detrimental.
Overall Far Cry 4 Arena Master is a unique game that can be highly entertaining, even if at times it feels overly simplistic. The game has a bunch of features that can be unlocked by logging in with a UPlay (Ubisoft) account; or by synchronizing the with Far Cry 4 game (if you own it).

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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