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The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse
The Curse

Review The Curse

Sergei Petrov
The Curse - this is a new exciting game for Android, which collected more than 100 different puzzles on a completely different topic, all of which are joined in a common concept and impregnated plot.
The first thing that catches the eye - it's unusual design and complete comic inserts, creating a mysterious and mystical atmosphere. The plot of the game is that we have inadvertently released an ancient curse, and now we have to get it back again. To get to the finals and drive ghostly mannequin will have to decide about a hundred of the most interesting puzzles.


From the first level it is clear that The Curse - a game for patient and diligent people. Even the simplest of puzzles from the first level puzzle seriously. There is no such that looking at the puzzle, you immediately know what to do. Every time we have to seriously think about.
Is to say a big thank you to the developers for a chic collection of unusual puzzles. Of course, there is no unique puzzles, everything has already been invented long ago, but as a mobile game, many of these riddles have been implemented for the first time.
Here are a few examples of puzzles:
  • Balance the amount of water in the three bottles, pouring from one series to another bottle;
  • Collect the numbers in the table so that the sum of each column and row equal to the same number;
  • On a large field with balls necessary to thread so to group pairs of balls of different colors;
  • On the table there are multiple timers running at different speeds. You need to run them in an order that they rang simultaneously.
Of course, the game has been known to us the puzzle. For example, there is a little problem where it is necessary to combine single-color blocks of lines, as in the Free Flow . Is a classic puzzle game with moving blocks as in the Unblock It . There are also classic puzzles, and even more difficult puzzles.

What we liked in The Curse of Android?

  • High-quality graphics;
  • The unique style of the game;
  • Atmsofera quality sound;
  • "Nezaezzhennost" puzzles;
  • Interesting interactive inserts, and much more.
The one and a fairly significant drawback - the lack of translation into Russian. Of course, basic English and the method of "spear" would be enough to understand the meaning of puzzles, but this is not enough for puzzles and immersive.
Summary. The Curse - it's very fresh and delicious collection of logic games for Android, which is head and shoulders superior to all that there is now in Google Play. Lovers mash brains strongly recommend to buy, and do not spare the 30 rubles, as this game will soon become more expensive, and the pleasure you get from it at times more than from any other free puzzle.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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