Light Flow - LED & Notifications
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Light Flow - LED & Notifications
Light Flow - LED & Notifications
Light Flow - LED & Notifications
Light Flow - LED & Notifications
Light Flow - LED & Notifications
Light Flow - LED & Notifications

Review Light Flow - LED & Notifications

Sergei Petrov
Luminous flux - is unique in its kind application for Android, which allows you to completely customize the work front LED, which is present in almost every smartphone. Here you can define your own colors for each type of notification, for example, if you have a low battery it will turn red, and if you missed a call from a certain person from the phone book, then turquoise.
The first thing to say is that the program is not supported by all smartphones, and since a lot of models, developers simply can not describe the compatibility of each individual case.
Compatible smartphones:
  • The entire line of Sony Xperia
  • Samsung Galayx S III
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Models range from the old HTC is also supported, but the LED does not support all colors.
In general, the easiest way to test - it install Light Flow, the benefit you can download it for free from Google Play or on our website.

Features Light Flow for Android:

  • Choose from more than 10 templates for notifications;
  • The ability to create your own templates for notifications;
  • Adding vibration and sound to any type of notification;
  • Easy setting of notifications;
  • Support for the full range of colors that can display LED for your smartphone.
Inside the application, there are a large number of items for detailed settings because the program just needs the user to customize it for yourself to your device. In addition to the LED notifications, the program is also able to produce sounds, melodies and vibration. This item turns the light output at the combine notifications to Android.
So you can easily sort out the settings in the properties for each notification template top right corner there is a button, "experiment", which will start the notification, and it helps to make sure it is working.
To get you started download free Lite-version. It contains all the basic functionality and allows you to check whether the program with your smartphone or not. The full version is sold separately for 73 rubles and contains more types of alerts, simplified change of colors and beautiful widgets for your desktop.


Luminous flux - it is a very interesting and promising program that allows you to adjust the light to suit your notification preferences. This program will let you at least include a smartphone, because the color of the notification you can always determine what happened.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 6/10
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Samsung galaxy s4 mini does have led light like samsung galaxy s4
It's work for LG L70 D325??
Brandon Girod
Check out the compatibility check on our site and see what it says.
does light flow work on blu studio 7.0
Brandon Girod
Hey Miki, I'm actually not sure. What version of Android are you running? There's a free version of the app you can download and try out, which is probably the best way to see!
I installed this on my BLU 5.5 and it is not working. I can't get the lights to blink
Tariq Abdulla
mmm, I guess that this isn't going to work with every type of phone, unfortunately, as they don't all support the same LED functions
Hunglau56@gmail.com18 Aug 2015, at 13:35
My samsung galaxy mega 6.3 why I open icd don have...I think something problem..what the problem...please help
Tariq Abdulla
are you saying that you can't find the app?
LindaJTimms@gmail.com17 Aug 2015, at 20:00
How do i get audio (a ding) or beep when I receive a voice mail or a text on BLU Dash.50.  Also how do I get call waiting?
Tariq Abdulla
hi there, - sorry this app probably won't help you with this. You probably need to turn notifications on in your settings
Chris22 Jun 2015, at 03:48BLU Studio 5.5
I have a blu studio 5.5 and I'm trying to figure out how to turn on my lock screen notification. I downloaded the app but my notifications still don't pop up on lock screen can some one help me please
Tariq Abdulla
I think you want to turn them off, rather than on, right? On my device, I find this under Settings > Security 
When I Clean the storage I cannot Get message in my Lock screen Could you please Help me to get message in my lock Screen.I have Huawei ascend P7 Phone. 
john s.
john s.31 Mar 2015, at 19:59Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
I installed light flow for my galaxy grand 2, 4.4.2 doesnt work at all. I switched off the phone and turned it on again but no result. Please help.
Gracias y como controlo el indicador de color porque no me ha funcionado
Not supported in lenovo s850
N Rana
I wanted to know if the led notification light that blinks with new messages feature is there on lenovo S850 or not. If yes, the notification light doesnt blink on mine. What do i do ?
Vlad Popa
I do not have the device to test it myself, yet i am quite certain that the notification light should be on the back of the device, in the form of Lenovo's logo. To my knowledge it should only flash in white, yet I may be wrong about this.
If your light does not function properly I would advise you to send it back if it is still under warranty.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
It is not working in Lenovo S850
Vlad Popa
To my knowledge the Lenovo S850's glowing logo should only display white.
Please note that I am not 100% sure of this and I am unable to test it myself.
Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
How to use this app? I have the Alcatel onetouch fierce and I don't know how to work this. Does it work with the hardware I have?
Giving it three stars because it's a great app, but  can't figure out how to use it.
doesnt work on alcatel idol mini
doesn't work on y galaxy grand duos
please provide a complete list of smartphone which has the front led.thanks a lot. by the way does your app can blink the led like the blue led on the Nokia N73 symbian phone ??
does asus zen fone a450cg has notification LED
Vlad Popa
I believe it should have a notification light, above the screen, near the earpiece.
lenovo s850 (pebble blue)
lenovo s850 (pebble blue)24 Dec 2014, at 16:29Lenovo S850
It doesnt work on my lenovo s850 eaither .
Lenovo S860
Lenovo S86007 Dec 2014, at 17:24Lenovo S860
Does this work for Lenovo S860? Can someone tell me?
Vlad Popa
The best way to tell if an app is compatible with your device is to attempt to install the free version, from the link found above the review. Google Play will indicate any incompatibilities.
Does it work in a LG Optimus l70?  
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately I do not have that particular device handy to test it myself, however if you already have the phone then here's what you should do:
From your PC, click on the "Free Version" found above the review, it will take you to the appropriate Google Play page where you can initiate a remote installation. Make sure you are logged in with the same Google Account on both your PC and your LG l70.
When initiating the installation from the PC a pop-up window should appear that will ask what device you wish to install to and indicate if the app is compatible or not with it.
Laine Delica
Laine Delica06 Oct 2014, at 10:02Lenovo S850
It doesn't work on my lenovo s850. I clicked on test but all I see is the white light. It doesn't change the color. My android version is 4.4.2
LG optimus l90
LG optimus l9023 Sep 2014, at 20:20LG L90
I doesn't show the light only the logo in the notification bar
why is it not working on my xperia z? i turned off the stamina of my phone.. but still not working.
I cannot get it to work on my Alcatel One Touch Pop C5. No LED blink when I try TEST. Any tips?
Irikuraa15 Jul 2014, at 23:00Alcatel One Touch Pop C5
It doesn't work on Alcatel One Touch Pop C5.
My xperia c led notification light is not responding for messagea,missed calls,fb notication. What should i do
Shubham Saraf
Shubham Saraf07 Jul 2014, at 23:45Lenovo P780
I'm having lenovo p780..
can i get led notifications for fb and whatsapp.??
i have this samsung galaxy young GT-s5360. when i turn it on it only display a white screen but still have its opening tone. can you please help me how to fix this?
arushi jain
my notification light is not working
Joy Anne Buenaobra
Im turning on my phone but it only shows the logo and then the red light, what's the meaning of this? how can I fix it? :/
Joy Anne Buenaobra
I turning on my phone and it only shows the samsung logo and after it the red light, what's the meaning of that? how can I fix it?
Lorraine Rodriguez
Still white on my alcatel one fierce phone
M usin samsung galxy grand neo hw to get led notification in dis cell ????
Alcatel Inspire
I tried in alcatel inspire 2 but it doesn't work. The light doesn't change
Alexander Vorobyev
Do you receive any error message? Is your Android OS updated to the newest version?
Alcatel Inspire 2
Alcatel Inspire 201 Dec 2014, at 08:59LG GT540 Optimus
None, 4.2, rooted and using custom rom. led is still white....
i tried in sony xperia c bt it doesnt work...any suggestion?
Alexander Vorobyev
What exactly doesn't work? Please provide us with more information about the problem. If there's any error that you received upon the app installation or launch, specify the exact error message you got.
kiara02 Apr 2014, at 15:02LG P760 Optimus L9
It dont work on.lg. optimus l9
Alexander Vorobyev
What exactly doesn't work? Please provide us with more information about the problem. If there's any error that you received upon the app installation or launch, specify the exact error message you got.
The LED light doesn't work
Confused01 Apr 2014, at 23:28Samsung Galaxy Fame
It's not working on my samsung galaxy fame..why?
Alexander Vorobyev
What exactly doesn't work? Please provide us with more information about the problem. If there's any error that you received upon the app installation or launch, specify the exact error message you got.
Najeé24 Mar 2014, at 02:29Alcatel One Touch S Pop
Doesn't work on Alcatel s'pop
Alexander Vorobyev
What exactly doesn't work? Please provide us with more information about the problem. If there's any error that you received upon the app installation or launch, specify the exact error message you got.
It does not work on Lenovo P770!
shelley15 Mar 2014, at 22:06Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
No led lights on s4 mini, grrrrrr
huawei p6
huawei p610 Mar 2014, at 02:06Huawei Ascend P6
it doesnt work.even wen i restart my phone
It din't work in my Lenovo P780. Please do verify.
Nii03 Mar 2014, at 18:01Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
does it work on galaxy tab 3?
samsung galaxy grand için led özelliği var mı?
whay is my samsung galaxy gt-i8190 not swiching on ?
ayush shah
Not working in samsung galaxy wonder. anyone have a solution
galaxy s4 active
I downloaded it and the blue led from the default on the phone is in the back ground and the color doesn't look right anybody know how to fix it
Samsung galaxy s4 active
Samsung galaxy s4 active09 Oct 2013, at 23:44
Hey I have the same phone and am having the same problem! The default colours like blue, green and red seem to look okay but when I get a email (yahoo) its like a bit purple but the rest blue and it looks weird. I also downloaded this app but if the colours arent the default ones then they look nothing like the colour they're supposed to be and they look horrible. Is there a fault with the phone or is that just how its supposed to be? Anyone else know anything about this or have the same phone and same issue?
Nawab Sami
I downloaded this application for my Samsung Galaxy Grand GT -I9082 and installed, try to run, but no any led lights flashed even after full restart. Guys if anyone knows how it works, plz help me.
how do i activate on lenovo a800 it desnt seem to
It s working great on mu nexus 4
lenovo s560
Its not working in lenovo s560. Does this app support in s560?
lenovo s560 user too
lenovo s560 user too24 Sep 2013, at 08:25
Lenovo S560 Doesn't have any LED indicator, LOL
Galaxy S4 - Not Working
Galaxy S4 - Not Working04 Jun 2013, at 20:04
This is absolutely not working on my Galaxy S4. It's a shame because it worked so well on my Galaxy Nexus!
is it working on galaxy y?
is it working on galaxy y?03 Jun 2013, at 15:35
is it working on galaxy y?
where do I find it on my phone? tipo
amir alamdari
does not work on lg optimus l3 ii
Galaxy ACEii doesn't have an LED to activate.
Its not working for my optimus 4x HD
Why is it not working on my Samsung galaxy grand duos?????
Its not working on my samsung galaxy s2
is not working for my galaxy ace ii x
does it work on the s5360?? if yes how do u activate it?
Does it work on Samsung galaxy ace? on mine it's not working....
Downloaded this for my brand new ASUS Padfone 2, notification lights are not working at all!
i have downloaded this. but nt working on my samsung grand device
Why isnt it working on my Galaxy Tab 2 Wifi?
it works only if your phone has built in LED's of different colors like the xperia U or you have to mod your phone
I have downloaded Light Flow on my Sony Xperia Miro. But its not working! Please let me know how I would make it work.
Aisyah Rachmawati
Some phones require root privileges to access the LEDs
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