Transport Empire - Tycoon
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Transport Empire - Tycoon
Transport Empire - Tycoon
Transport Empire - Tycoon
Transport Empire - Tycoon
Transport Empire - Tycoon
Transport Empire - Tycoon
Transport Empire - Tycoon
Transport Empire - Tycoon
Transport Empire - Tycoon
Transport Empire - Tycoon

Review Transport Empire - Tycoon

Brandon Girod
In-depth gameplay , synchronized mechanics
Ludicrously long tutorial, way too much hand holding
Transport Empire - Tycoon for Android has the most deplorable tutorial I’ve ever played. It seems literally never ending, and is the worst part about the game by far. You will spend literally over an hour, skipping everything, just to actually play the game. And that’s AFTER they tell you that you can work more “independently”.
In this game, if you make it past the tutorial, you are on a quest to build the biggest transportation empire in the world. You will do so via land, air, and sea. The inexplicably long tutorial will explain the process to you a million times over, and hold your hand while you take over almost half the map alone.
All the same, there is a lot of gameplay to be had here. You have different locomotives that travel at different speeds, and other transportation devices that will gather resources depending on where they are. Gathering certain resources also requires certain parts of a train that you must buy to carry the resources. You can build factories in towns and lodges on the map to gain resources passively over time.
By the end of the tutorial I was honestly tired of playing the game already. It had me going back and forth making contracts to collect supplies so I could upgrade this or that, and it kept doing it long after it needed to. The game really needs to let go of the players hand after the first contract because it’s just obnoxious after that.
Transport Empire - Tycoon is nothing more than an interactive tutorial. It has you rushing this contract and then speeding up the urgency even more just so that you can upgrade a building. Then you need to urgently rush through another contract so you can repeat the same process a hundred more times, before you realize that this is all there is to the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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