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Sleep Attack TD
Sleep Attack TD
Sleep Attack TD
Sleep Attack TD
Sleep Attack TD
Sleep Attack TD
Sleep Attack TD
Sleep Attack TD

Review Sleep Attack TD

Kevin Vadala
Amazing reinvention of genre, very chaotic and graphically pleasing
Doesn't play extraordinarily different
Sleep Attack TD for Android is a tower defense game with much more of a twist than usual. It’s not just another tower defense game that looks different, has a different story, and a few different upgrades. In fact, it’s almost a complete overhaul to what we think we know about map design in tower defense games. The way it works is that you spin the level from the center and each path locks into a path that monsters come from. In the beginning, monsters will come one at a time, and you won’t have enough money to place two towers. So, you have to spin the level itself. But how different does the game play with this changed design element? Well, lets dive into the review.
One of the first things you will notice about Sleep Attack TD is that it looks great. There is a huge variety in level design from dark purple levels with neon flair, to brighter levels that look more like deserts. There is an enormous amount of detail in everything and the artwork has great polish and style. The colors in the game just seem to “pop” and sometimes things look almost like they were pulled straight out of some cartoon network TV show. While the the game has amazing graphical dexterity when it comes to tower and level design, the monsters aren’t as impressive. They are mostly very small creatures with very basic design. But given that a lot of these little guys are on the screen at the same time, I can’t fault the design choices the developers made. As you progress throughout the game, everything can look quite hectic with the variety of enemies, towers, and just level elements.
Sleep Attack TD has a good pace to it. You can quicken up the assault of enemies after a certain amount of time, which makes things feel somewhat more fast paced than usual. Towers in the game have a cool attack speed, and you’ll notice from the beginning that towers feel very powerful. This is to account for the different directions you’ll spin the map in order to kill the incoming enemies. If you don’t place your towers in different locations, you might quickly find that enemies have already passed a point that no tower will be able to get them from their location. This is where strategy and position come into play.
Sleep Attack TD is a wonderfully creative tower defense entry. It excels almost from it’s style and design alone, but the gameplay is solid and fast paced enough to hold your attention as well.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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