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CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher
CM Launcher

Review CM Launcher

Brandon Girod
Good performance
Lackluster themes
CM Launcher for Android is another themer. I’m careful not to call it a launcher because it’s really not. It’s a themer that has a lot of pre-made themes you can choose from - most that are too tacky to be useful. It offers a few different transitions and animations, and that’s about it.
One exceedingly good compliment I have is that performance is unhindered. A lot of themers like these cause serious performance issues. They usually do more harm than good. This one is totally different. I didn’t notice any performance hits while going through ordinary usage.
The available themes are hit or miss, though they’re largely just miss. There are some gems in the rough, but a lot of the themes just seem unimaginatively thrown together. Colors clash, sometimes the text blends in with the background, and sometimes the icons designed just don’t work with the other app icons.
The settings are pretty limited to. A lot of the animations are typical of what you’ll find on just about any other Android device. You can’t use your own app icons either. One thing I did find was that it will adjust the homescreen grid, which is useful for playing around with different widget setups. It also has a quick settings function if you swipe up from the dock area.
Overall CM Launcher is another launcher that is more themer than anything else. There are some good themes, but most are pretty mediocre. Performance is great, and it offers grid configuration.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 6/10
Design 7/10
Kevin Vadala
A lot of themes available
Doesn't work that great, not many features added on
Cheetah Launcher for Android is a launcher that doesn’t feel like too much of a launcher to me. It feels remarkably similar to Touchwiz, and if you were to change the icon pack to TouchWiz itself, I wouldn’t even notice it wasn’t Touchwiz. It has some features within the app that are notable but not exciting: like hiding apps (this is in other launchers), and changing animations (which mostly looks glitchy and feels slow).
I’ve never been a fan of the animations within TouchWiz, and Cheetah Launcher’s animations feel very similar. Despite the app promising to feel smooth, efficient, and lighter, it actually felt heavier and less optimized than my Nova launcher. Some of the animations lagged and felt “blocky”. I wasn’t a fan of the animations.
The icon pack looks different with the app, and there are a variety of different themes to download. It’s just that I’ve reviewed a lot of launchers lately, and a majority of them have this exact same feature. Themes that can look cool don’t necessarily work practically for more advanced users, who like to use apps other than the defaults.
Cheetah Launcher is an okay launcher if you’re looking to change things up a lot with themes; or a simple redesign with the main launcher’s homepage. Don’t expect any important changes, or any especially useful ones however, because this app doesn’t perform as fast as it says it does, and even if it did, you’d be losing some features found in better and more reliable launchers. Unfortunately, I can’t take Cheetah Launcher up on its promise for being that quick..

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 6/10
Design 6/10
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we have a samsung gallery, and want to know how to change CM launcher settings?
This is not cm launcher. It's Cheetah launcher
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